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CNC Router Ideas

Stuck on ideas? The following business ideas will put your CNC router to good use.

If you haven’t realised it yet, CNC routers are extremely versatile, lets see what you can make with one. First up, and it is never more popular than now with the recent events of the last 2 years.

Apollo M CNC Routers
Apollo CNC Routers – What will you make?

One of the most popular uses to date for CNC router owners is using them to create rich interiors that almost resemble your home (albeit on a much smaller scale!). Using a variety of materials from woods, acrylics and composites, the end result can look truly amazing.

We have many customers who use our CNC routers to produce, beautifully crafted, bespoke furniture. Using software such as the supplied Vectric V Carve Pro or even using design software to produce their CAD files using Sketchup or Fusion 360.

Think items such as custom wine racks, welcome home signs, items for the kitchen and anything that could be seen as useful around the home.

If you do your research correctly you could make some amazing sleeping spaces for both adults and children. Fairytail Princess Castles and Big Boys Tanks are just over the horizon with a CNC router.

If sound and quality are two things that are important to you then why not jump into making great sounding and amazing looking speaker cabinets! Get super creative and create some special looking speaker cabinets for customers.

Vehicle ply lining is where you produce internal coverings for vans and other vehicles out of plywood sheets, this hiding the internal shell and metalwork. You can even create internal storage for tools and parts as a custom service for your customers.

Some of our customers use their CNC routers for prototyping products for themselves and or clients. Easily produce one-offs before you go into full production.

With a CNC router and its versatile nature, you can create some excellent effects by changing tool types and materials. Whether these are for internal use or for use outdoors, a CNC router is an excellent choice for mass production.

It goes without saying that sign-making is a perfect match for a CNC router. With the huge array of materials available to use on a CNC for signs such as wood, composites and metal you could be creating customer brands in no time.

During the spring and summertime, homeowners love to spend time looking after their gardens and creating new and unique outdoor living spaces. Produce breathtaking seating and eating areas, outdoor pods for relaxing (even for the winter!)

We have many customers in the kitchen manufacturing industry, this show just how popular CNC routers are for making kitchen cabinets. Easily create shaker doors, etch custom detail into panels and so much more.

We have a number of clients that use their CNC routers to make musical instruments such as guitars, violins and more. Take out some of the hard, labour intensive parts of making them by investing in a CNC to help automate the process more.

CNC routers are versatile as you already know by now (we hope). How about using one to produce safe, fun environments for children to spend their time in. Produce seating, climbing apparatus, games and more.

CNC Routers are perfect for creating uniquely designed interiors for ships and boats. With the right tooling and material choice, you can produce beautiful interiors for clients across the globe.

A CNC Router is your industrial manufacturing partner

With your new CNC router, you can bring all of your previously outsourced projects under one roof. If you consider quality control to be an important part of your process then bringing this process in-house will help you achieve the very best output.

If you do spot errors, you can easily fix them and be back in production within minutes. That’s the joy of CNC ownership, you’re in total control of the process. The costs of outsourcing mean that it’s actually more cost-effective over time to manufacture your components and products yourself.

Most of our customers are easily covering the cost of buying a new CNC machine by taking full control over the process.

Get Creative.

What will you make with a CNC router? Learn more about our full range of CNC routers.
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