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What can you make with a CNC Router machine?

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A CNC router is short for computer numerical control. This means that the system is controlled by a set of numbers that actually form co-ordinates based on how your CNC system is set up. For instance, our 3 Axis CNC routers would have co-ordinates based around X, Y and Z. 

In simple terms back and forth, lateral and up and down. 

A CNC is an extremely accurate tool in your production arsenal that can help you ramp up production and save on time, waste and ultimately grow your profit margins. 

Products you could make on a CNC?

  • Ply lining kits for vans and camper an conversions 
  • Kitchen cabinets and doors
  • Corian or solid surface worktops
  • Custom furniture for the home or office environments 
  • Playground furniture for use outdoors
  • Metal components for use in other products, from metal such as aluminium, brass, copper and lead
  • Personalised gifts
  • Letter faces and profiles made out of either plastic/acrylic or aluminium and their returns (sides) to make 3D letters
  • Sign panels of any shape
  • Shelving units
  • Cladding products
  • Boats! Yes you can make boats with a CNC router. 
  • Speaker cabinets
  • Engraved products such as giant engraved rulers for schools etc
  • Personalised bath caddy with engraved messages. 
  • Aerospace components 
  • Automotive components 

These are just a small selection of products you could make on your CNC router. Our CNC machines are used in a huge range of industries and sectors like:

  • The medical field
  • Aerospace 
  • Marine engineering 
  • Automotive manufacturing 
  • Crafts and personalised gift markets
  • Automotive accessory markets
  • Woodworking, including furniture manufacturing 
  • Education 
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A CNC router can help automate many tasks within the manufacturing environment. Reducing your need for many staff, reducing wage bills. They are of high accuracy and produce products with the same cut and finish time and time again, without the risk of human error. All of these things can help increase business turnover and profits.

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