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What can you cut on a Fibre Laser?

Waht can you cut with a fibre laser?
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Waht can you cut with a fibre laser?

Introduction to Fibre Laser technology

A fibre Laser works by focusing a high powered laser source directly onto metals below the focusing lens within the cutting head. This high powered energy beam is then activated and absorbed by the material, producing extremely high temperatures melting (vapourising) the materials.

The UK market requires that your Fibre Laser should have a protective cover to stop any chances of reflective beams coming into contact or injuring the operator. Safety is paramount so please take all of the necessary local precautions when cutting anything on your Fibre Laser.

The thickness and type of materials will be affected by the type of power source and it’s power rating (Watts or Kw) and the type of assistive gas used (oxygen, nitrogen for example). Something else you have to consider is how reflecting the material you would like to cut is. Some cutting heads are effected by reflective materials that can cause damage to the lens systems.

Metal Cutting Fibre Laser UK For Flat Plate
Titan Fibre Laser – Model 1530

Let’s get down to what you can cut with a Fibre Laser:

Mild Steel (Carbon Steel) — Fibre laser can cut mild steel using almost any type of cutting head and source. The thickness that you can cut is affected by the type of power source you have. For example, a 2kW will cut through thicker material than a 750W.

Stainless Steel — Cutting stainless steel is easy with a fibre laser. All of our laser sources are compatible with cutting this material type. Stainless steel is a very popular material with a lot of our customers.

Titanium — Not the most popular of cutting materials but easily process titanium plate with a Titan Fibre Laser when utilising the correct speeds, assistive gas and cutting parameters. 

Aluminium — With this type of material having reflective properties it is imperative you use the correct laser source and head for this type of work if you choose a standard source with no reflection absorption facility you may damage the head and lens system. Our technical team can advise you on the correct laser source for your application. 

Brass & Copper — Fibre lasers will also cut brass and copper. Both of these materials have high reflectivity and require the use of a specialist reflective absorption protective device* allowing them to be processed on a Fibre Laser.

Fibre lasers are an excellent tool for processing and cutting metals, they are fast in operation, highly accurate with large cutting beds available. Would you like to find out more about fibre lasers — Click here to get all of our models information

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