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Our Range Of CNC Router machines are fully tested to rigorous standards at our  32,000 square feet facility in Oldbury in the West Midlands.  Our premise has always been to supply affordable, high quality CNC machinery whilst also putting first class service front and centre.

Our CNC routers come with standard features and equipment such as vacuum beds & vacuum pumps, extraction systems, high performance spindles like our 6KW & 9.0KW Air Cooled Electro Spindles and software.  We also have a number of upgrades which can be opted for upon ordering, speak to one of our industry experts where you can discuss your CNC application, ensuring you purchase the correct CNC router for your needs.  


All of our powerful CNC routers  are capable of easily cutting & engraving a wide range of materials such as plastics such as acrylic and HDPE, wood, soft metals such as aluminium and brass.

All CNC Routers supplied by Mantech come with warranty ranging from 1-5 years and depending upon your business needs.  All Apollo & Merlin CNC Routers come with a standard warranty of 24 months.  Not only that but we also offer extended warranties and on-site maintenance programs to give you full peace of mind.


Designed in the UK – Automatic Tool Change CNC Routers are powerful, highly versatile CNC options for material such as wood, plastics, composites, foam, aluminium, brass, and much more.  

At the heart of our ATC Routers is its high performance auto tool changing spindle system, manual tool changes are a thing of the past with this machine.

 All of our Apollo CNC Routers come with 9.0KW air cooled spindles that operate up to 24,000 rpm.  They are also configured with extremely accurate servo drives for unbeatable accuracy and repeat-ability.

An advanced CNC router that has exceptional build quality and is built to withstand heavy loads in the most challenging of environments. This combined with our own custom in-house developed motion control system (M-TECH) complete with a new visual UI PC based system to control all aspects of the CNC router.

Our Apollo CNC routers are guaranteed to decrease manufacturing times and increase productivity with it’s incredible high performance.

Don’t have the need for automatic tool change on your new CNC?  our Merlin range of CNC routers are the perfect choice.  

This powerful UK designed CNC Router is built to last with it’s rigid build and high quality components, our range of Merlin CNC routers come in a wide variety of bed sizes to suit all requirements and are easy to operate by users of all levels.

Our Merlin range of CNC machine are best in class when it comes to price and performance and are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications such as woodworking, sign making, plastics fabrication, boat building and so much more.

Now available with our own custom in-house developed motion control system, the Merlin CNC router is better than ever.

Value, performance, build quality, support – just like all of our machinery ranges.

The Merlin range has the same attention to detail when it comes to build and quality components.  Merlin – with our industry leading 2 years parts & labour warranty.

Our Spartan range of CNC routers are suitable for smaller workshops and customers looking to dip their toes into CNC routing.  A real Industrial Entry Level CNC Router Option offering exceptional build and performance yet extremely affordable.

A great space saving and budget solution to entering the CNC routing market, our entry level CNC routers are some of the most affordable yet capable machines available on the market.

With high quality components and performance to match, you don’t have to go hobbyist to start your CNC journey.

The Spartan CNC range comes complete with high performance components, is extremely well built for a machine of this level, ensuring you don’t have to sacrifice with your purchase.

To sum up the Spartan CNC router, it’s a great entry level CNC option that has some of the best components for the price, is built to perform like a true industrial router (no aluminium extrusion here) and doesn’t break the bank.

Stone & Marble CNC Router UK

NEW to Mantech is our Stone-Tech range of CNC routers capable of cutting and engraving stone and marble.  Powerful, robust and industrial grade.  The Stone-Tech CNC router system is a versatile stone & marble cutting and engraving solution that is easy to use with competitive pricing. Find out more about this capable stone CNC router system.

NEW Another first at Mantech Machinery, Dual Bed CNC Routers with a dynamic gantry mounted high speed auto tool changing system.  Increase your productivity and output by using this pendulum based CNC router system.  Load one bed whilst the other is being processed, speeding up your output, reducing customer wait times and increasing your turnover.

What is a CNC Router Machine?

A CNC Router (Or Computer Numerical Control router) can be used to process the tasks of other workshop machinery in one unit.  For example:

Panel Saw
Spindle Moulder
Boring machine

Instead of routing by hand, a CNC router uses toolpaths that are controlled by a computer numerical computer.  You can cut out both complex and simple shapes using designs that have been produced in software such as Vectric V Carve or Aspire or AlphaCam. Our CNC Routers come with V Carve as standard with AlphaCam as an alternative option.

A CNC Router is able to produce consistent and high quality output unlike traditional hand methods.  By using a CNC Router over a jig router, you will also be able to produce one-offs as effectively as producing identical repeat items.

Automation, precision are two of the key draws when purchasing a CNC Router machine. Using a CNC router reduces waste, frequency of errors and the time it takes to produce a product and get it to market.

Using your CNC Router, you can produce many different items such as:

interior and exterior decoration, wood panels, sign boards, instruments, furniture, worktops, kitchen carcasses, 3D engraving and so much more.

We have customers who use CNC routers in many different industries such as sign making, boat building, furniture making, aerospace, education, engineering, exhibition stand building, set and scenery manufacture and so much more.

Our high performance, quality CNC routers are split across 3 ranges:

Automatic Tool Change Apollo CNC

Merlin CNC Routers 

Spartan CNC Routers.

Stonetech CNC Routers

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Why use a CNC router?

CNC Router Vacuum Bed/Sacrificial Surface Best Practices

The concept of a vacuum bed is to pull together the surface of the component/board being processed, to the surface of the sacrificial board, creating lateral ‘friction’ between the two surfaces.The more surface area in contact, the more lateral grip can be achieved.

Large Surface area = more ‘grip’

Porous products tend not to ‘seal’ as well as ‘Non Porous’ such as Acrylic for example, as air can pass through them  but these tend to have a ‘rougher’ surface creating  more friction between the sacrificial board and the product, compensating. 

Alternatively Non porous materials i.e.Acrylic, ‘seal’ better so more pull down force is achieved to compensate for the smoother surface.

The correct size of neoprene gasket must be used, and one single length ‘per zone’, limiting the amount of joins to just 1, where air can be sucked through losing pressure applied to that zone when the component is placed above. Therefore restricting the flow, creating the ‘pull down required. It is important that the channels are completely free of debris and the neoprene gasket is not ‘stretched’ to fit in the perimeter channel, as this reduces the diameter of the seal causing an uneven surface for the sacrificial board to sit on. 

The seal must be laid over the perimeter groove of each zone and firmly pushed directly ‘down’ into the groove. When the perimeter is complete, the seal must be carefully cut and ‘butted’ together to complete the seal.

When the sacrificial layer is placed on the seal and the vacuum is switched on, the sacrificial board compresses the gasket if the zone is sealed correctly.

Once all Zones have the gasket fitted correctly the vacuum can be switched on and all pipework joints can be checked for leaks that may be causing a pressure drop in the circuit.

Again the concept of each ‘zone’ is that air can only flow through the fibres of the MDF within the area of that zone and directly in contact with the component being processed above. This effectively seals the circuit and affords maximum pull down on the component creating the lateral friction required, allowing the Vacuum pump to do its job.

In order to ensure the best possible lateral grip on the component, it is essential that both sides of the sacrificial surface are skimmed. This removes the ‘skin’ created during manufacture and increases air flow through the fibres of the MDF. This also ‘levels’ the sacrificial surface for accurate machining depth. You can purchase special tools for this from around £100 which save a considerable amount of time on large bed surfaces.

What can you cut with a CNC Router Machine?

CNC Routers for solid surface materials such as Corian.

CNC Corian

We have a number of customers who use their CNC routers produce kitchen worktops and bespoke designs from Corian and other solid surface materials.  Our Merlin CNC and Apollo CNC Machines are the perfect partner for solid surface processing.

Cut Carbon Fibre on a CNC Router

CNC Carbon Fibre

Our CNC Machine range are undeniably versatile. Drilling and cutting carbon fibre has never been easier with either of our Apollo or Merlin CNC  routers. 

Cut Foam on a CNC Router

CNC Tool Box Foam

Looking to produce tool box inserts or custom product protection?  To get the very best finish on your shadow tool foam inserts and custom designs, use a roughing tool first then a finishing tool to finalise the end product.

Cut and Engrave Aluminium on CNC Router

CNC Aluminium

Easily cut aluminium on a Mantech CNC router.  Our CNC routers are fully capable of cutting aluminium sheet.  We recommend using a tool lubricant to ensure you produce the very best results.

Cut MFC Wood on a CNC Router


MFC cutting and grooving is a very simple task for all Mantech CNC Routers, whether you opt for an automatic tool change or a manual tool change machine. Perfect for industry such as furniture and kitchen fabrication.

Cut acrylic on a Mantech CNC Router

CNC Acrylic

Every Mantech CNC router machine will also cut and engrave plastics such as acrylic.  If used correctly you can also use a CNC router to not only cut and engrave but also polish the edges of your material.  This would be achieved using a final pass and ‘skimming off’ a small amount of material.

Cut & engrave MDF on a Mantech CNC router


We have a vast number of customers who process all sorts of materials on their Mantech CNC.  Especially in the furniture and kitchen industry, where MDF is used in a wide variety of applications.

Cut Foamex and foam board on a CNC Router

CNC Foam board

With our CNC router range you are easily able to produce all kinds of products using materials like Foam board or Foamex.  Our CNC routers are of course more than powerful enough to cut through even the thickest of foam board.

Other Materials you can easily cut on a CNC router with the correct tooling:

CNC Router Software

All of our CNC routers come with Vectric V Carve Pro as standard with upgrades available to Aspire or Alphacam should you need it.  Find out more about how V Carve can help you achieve your production goals:

VCarve Pro provides a powerful but intuitive software solution for creating and cutting parts on a CNC Router. VCarve Pro gives you the power to produce complex 2D patterns with profile, pocket, drill and inlay toolpaths, plus gives you the ability to create designs with v-carving textures as well as import and machine unlimited Vectric 3D clipart or single model files. The ‘Pro’ edition gives you unlimited job and toolpath size, true shape nesting & job set-up sheets, ideally suited to a production environment.  Remember all of our CNC routers include training on VCarve Pro.

2-sided Machining

Easily create double-sided projects in the same session instead of using 2 separate sessions.  

Drawing & Layout

VCarve Pro has a full comprehensive set of features to easily let you create complex vectors from within the package, or even imported data.


Add additional functionality to Vectric for tools such as Donek drag knives etc which will fit into the spindle.

True Shape Nesting

Automatically arrange and fit vector shapes into your material size, get optimal material usage with minimum waste materials. 

Pro Features

Create merged toolpaths, job sheet summaries and generate toolpath templates to enhance efficiency of workflow and production times.  By using the array toolpath function you can duplicate toolpaths as a block based upon dimension you input.


Covering all typical 2D routing operations, 2.5D & 3D machining strategies.  Toolpaths can be easily previewed to show the user how the part will look when cut on their CNC router.

3D Component Editing

Shapes can be easily scaled, moved, mirrored and grouped. VCarve also allows you to smooth a 3D object. The software also has a tool to Z-slice a part to create separate models if your CNC size, tooling or material limits the depth of part you can cut.

3D View Manipulation

Many of the dynamic component editing tools can be accessed directly from the 3D view. This allows 3D objects to be moved, scaled and rotated. In addition how they combine with other shapes can be adjusted along with their height and even adding a tilt or fade.

For the full list of features that Vectric VCarve pro can perform, head on over to their website for more information.

Visit our VIDEO VAULT 

Our video vault is updated on a regular basis with machinery videos, so keep checking back for more.

CNC Plasma Cutters

Does your processing requirement involve cutting thick sheets of metal plate? take a look at our Phantom CNC plasma cutters. 

CO2 Laser Cutters

High-performance CO2 laser cutters by Mantech.  Wide range of sizes and specifications to choose from.

Which CNC Router range is best for me?

Choosing the right CNC router for you and your business is very important.  You want to ensure that the machine is capable of producing the right output you need whilst also having the right level of features required.  Here are some basic questions you should be asking yourself, as always if you you are unsure, why not speak to one of our helpful Sales Engineers who would be more than happy to assist you with unbiased advice, ensuring you opt for the right machine.

What working area do I need?

This really should be your first thought when it comes to purchasing CNC routers.  The last thing you want to do is realise that the bulk of your work won’t be able to be machined on the router bed.  

If you only need a 600 x 900 mm working area, you need to be looking at our Spartan CNC Router range but if you need anything larger you have additonal choice, Merlin or Apollo.

Our Spartan range comes in 600 x 900, 1300 x 1300, 1300 x 2500, 1500 x 3000 mm. 

 Merlin & Apollo come in 1300 x 1300 (Merlin only), 1300 x 2500, 1500 x 3000, 2000 x 3000, 2000 x 4000 mm.  Custom bed sizes are available on request.

Do I need advanced functionality?

When it comes to CNC routing you may only require a basic set of features but on the flip side you may require additional features like touch screen (optional), pop up stops, upgrade path to ATC etc.  

If you need a standard set of meaningful features without the need for advanced functionality our Spartan range offers the very best in build quality, performance and value for money.  Need the best of the best, that’s where our Merlin and Apollo come in. 

Our Merlin CNC has the same great build and feature set as as the Apollo ATC just without the auto tool change system. However our Merlin CNC router range can also be fully upgraded to Auto Tool Change at a later date, saving our customers the initial outlay.

Is auto tool change a requirement?

If you’ve decided upon our most feature rich options of either the Merlin or Apollo CNC router ranges.  The one question that you should ask is ‘do you need auto tool change?’  With auto tool change CNC machines the operator programs the software to produce a number of different tool paths that require different tools.  

The CNC router will look at this output and automatically collect the right tool from their tool positions and carry on cutting without the need for the operator to interact.  If you need this functionality combined with everything else the Merlin CNC offers, then the Apollo CNC is for you.


Finance Options Also Available.

Why not spread the cost of your new CNC Router? Mantech have a long established relationship with one of the industry leading asset finance operators in the United Kingdom. *subject to eligibility & status

Want to speak to someone?

Buying a CNC Router is a big step for any business and you want to know you’re purchasing the right machine that matches your business needs.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444

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