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Eclipse  CO2 Laser Cutters

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Laser Cutters - New Range

Affordable CO2 Laser Machines

NEW range of laser cutters – the Eclipse. 

The Eclipse laser machine option has all you could want from a CO2 Laser. With its unique looks, and high-performance transmission system the Eclipse range is feature-packed!

Each Eclipse Laser comes complete with its own removable stand, this gives you the versatility to either place it on a bench or keep it freestanding, you choose!

The range comes in the following bed sizes:

400*600mm / 700*450mm / 900*600mm

Included with every Eclipse laser machine you also get our CCD camera system, WIFI, Rotary, Auto Focus, Air Assist and software.

We include Lightburn with all Eclipse laser cutters, find out more by visiting:

Lightburn – Official website

When you purchase an Eclipse CO2 Laser machine we’re with you every step of the process.  From sales to installation & training, our expert staff will be here to advise and help you make the right choice.  Finance options are available on most of our machinery, please ask one of the team for details.

Why Choose The Eclipse CO2 Laser Cutter Range?

CCD Camera

Control your CCD camera via the included Lightburn software.  Perfect for tracing.

WIFI Connectivity

WIFI functionality alongside USB and network functions.

Removable Base

Desktop or freestanding, you choose! Making this a very versatile machine.

High Performance

High speed motion system, controlling acceleration, engraving and cutting. Custom linear slides for precision and low wear.

Large, Bright Viewing Window

Larger visible area with bright lighting installed.

Auto Focus

Adjust focus height automatically, fast and convenient.

Rotary System Included

All of our Eclipse laser machines come complete with a rotary index for engraving onto glasses etc.

Honeycomb & Slat Bed

Get the best of both worlds with 2 types of cutting surfaces.

Motorised Z Axis Adjustment

Motorised bed to adjust your Z axis height for engraving thicker items.

Air Assist

Air assist is included with all Eclipse machines, helping to keep material free from debris.

Working area
The Eclipse range of lasers are availale with bed sizes of 600*400, 700*450 and 900*600 (mm)
Power options
80W or 100W peak power options available
Laser type
Water cooled DC CO2 sealed tube
CCD Camera
Included – controlled via Lightburn
Bed type
Flatbed & honeycomb table included
Cooling method
Industrial external water chiller (refrigerated)
Max engraving speed
Max cutting speed
Min engraving size
Z axis height adjustment
100mm (Eclipse 6) 150mm (Eclipse 7,9)
Laser output control
1-100% via software controls
XY guide system
Custom linear slide rails for improved precision and life
Drive system
Leashine stepper motors
Extraction system
Exhaust fan & hose with optional air filtration systems are available, please ask.
Max scanning
Red dot sensor
Air assist flow
Auto focus
WIFI, USB, Ethernet
Supported formats
UK Mainland included. (offloading and siting option available if required).
Our professional installation team will fully commission your new machine – It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have the correct electrical (we will advise you on what is required).
12 months standard warranty with extended warranty periods available.

Want to speak to someone?

Buying a Laser cutter machine is a big step for any business and you want to know you’re purchasing the right machine that matches your business needs.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444

*Offloading and siting of the machine is the end users responsibility, we will however advise all of our customers should they need assistance with this.

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