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Metal  Fibre Laser Cutters

The UK’s #1 for high quality, affordable industrial metal cutting Fiber Lasers, with our vast industrial laser knowledge and affordable range of cutting systems, Mantech is the perfect machinery partner for all your needs. Our Range Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are fully tested and assembled to rigorous standards at our huge 32,000 square feet facility in Oldbury in the West Midlands.  Each of our models of fibre laser are suitable for a wide range of industry applications and products.

Our Fiber Lasers are affordable and very competitively priced, installed by our team of nationwide and highly experienced engineers.  We have installed many metal cutting fiber laser machines into a huge range of areas such as general engineering, product manufacturing, universities, aerospace, automotive, personalised gift makers, fabricators, sign makers and so much more.  Precision cutting of metals has never been easier or as affordable.

All of our Fibre Lasers come complete with Windows PC based systems giving you full control over the operation of your machine, in addition to Windows you also get a wireless pendant controller to operate functions of your fibre laser.

Best In Class Fibre Laser Metal Cutting Machines

Our most affordable Fiber Laser Metal Cutting System to date.  Compact yet powerful, affordable yet feature laden. Our Fibretech 1300 x 900 mm fibre cutters are perfect for smaller workshops where space is a premium.  Available with a range of laser source options.

It’s in the name, Titan, our largest sheet fiber laser metal cutting machine.  Suitable for high, accurate production facilities.  Comes complete with an exchange table to ensure your production of sheet metal is fast and efficient.  Also available with a number of different laser sources such as nLight and Raycus.

Combination Flat Plate & Tube Metal Laser Cutter UK

Combi Fibre Metal Cutter

Each of our Titan Fiber Laser metal cutting combination machines come with a cutting area of at least 1500 mm x 3000 mm, they also come with an indexer to laser cut tube up-to 3000 mm in length up to a Maximum diameter 160 mm Standard, upgradeable up to  215 mm

Titan Fibre Laser Cutting Machine

Titan Fibre Metal Tube Cutter

With a processing length of 6 metres Our Titan fiber laser metal tube cutting solution can handle high production projects with ease.  Available in a variety of cutting powers, our tube cutting machines are amongst the most affordable yet capable machines in the world.

Fibre Laser cutters

About Fibre Laser Metal Cutting Machines

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines are fast becoming more affordable to many more industries and business than ever before.  At one time this technology was out of the reach for smaller engineering and fabrication firms.  

However due to the advances in manufacturing and parts cost falling, these high-end machines are now much more affordable and accessible.

A fiber Laser works by focusing a high powered laser source directly onto metals below the focusing lens within the cutting head.  This high powered energy beam is then activated and absorbed by the material, producing extremely high temperatures melting (vapourising) the materials. 

Our metal lasers can easily cut through metal materials of up to 35 mm thick (depending upon configuration).

Fibre laser technology is aimed at high production, high-speed processing of sheet and tube metals, however we also cater for the smaller end of the market with our Compact Fiber Laser metal cutting machines, these are perfect for space-conscious or lower production facilities that only require a table size of up to 1300 x 900 mm.

A fiber laser machine can process carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel as well as other metals such as brass & copper.  Although this will be determined by the power source and subject to certain power levels.

We offer a range of laser source options for our machines enabling us to match all budgets and each machine comes with features you would expect to be on machines that cost much more.  Such as  protective safety covers that are a must in any production environment, dual table exchange systems (whilst the machine is in production the operator can be loading up for the next run) which vastly improve operator efficiency and production outputs.

Each metal cutting laser machine is powered by a windows based system, enabling full control over the machine and the production files, giving on the fly changes to files, by the operator whilst at the machine.

We offer full UK support with all of our systems, offering service and support beyond your standard warranty.  

When you purchase a machine from Mantech you also gain access to our highly acclaimed telephone & email technical support for the life of your machine.  

*Promotional package when ordered with one of our Fibretech or Titan fibre lasers

To find out more about our new metal laser extraction systems, please get in touch with one of our industry experts. 

Fibre Laser cutting machine supplier UK
Stainless steel Cut On A Fibre Laser Machine
Best in class fibre laser cutter uk

What can you cut on a Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine?

Mild Steel

All of our Fiber Laser cutters will cut mild/carbon steel, how thick you can cut is dependant upon what power source you choose.

Stainless Steel

Cutting stainless steel with one of our Titan or Fibretech laser cutters is easily achievable and at high accuracy.


Looking to process aluminium* on a fiber laser cutter?  We can advise you on the best possible cutting solution for cutting this reflective material.


Cut titanium plate using one of our Titan fiber lasers, by utilising the correct assistive gases and parameters. 

Brass & Copper

Both of these materials have high reflectivity and require the use of a specialist reflective absorption protective device* allowing them to be processed on a Fiber Laser. 

*Our industry specialists can advise you on the appropriate laser source for your application. 

Fibre laser technology has evovled leaps and bounds over the years.  Our range of Titan and Fibretech machines combine the very best laser cutting technology with affordability in mind.  With so many options and variations, our team of knowledgeable fibre laser specialists are on hand to provide you with the best unbiased assistance that will enable you to make the right decisions for your business needs.

Software Options

Fibre Laser Cutter Software
Fibre Laser Software UK

Radprofile provides your operators with the tools they require to reduce lead times and optimise your laser, plasma, water jet and flame cutting machines. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Radpunch the RADAN punch/profile solution delivers optimisation for punch profile combination machine tools.

Our range of  Titan metal cutting Fibre Lasers integrate perfectly with RADAN to give you unrivalled control over your sheet metal production requirements.

Our Fiber Laser Cutting Machines in the TITAN range come complete with industry leading software from RADAN. 


Finance Options Also Available.

Why not spread the cost of your new Metal Cutting Fibre Laser Machine? Mantech have a long established relationship with one of the industry leading asset finance operators in the United Kingdom. *subject to eligibility & status

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Purchasing a metal cutting fiber laser system is a big decision for most businesses, ensuring you get the right machine for your business is imperative.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  By assisting you with all of your questions and providing you with the right information, regarding which machine is best suited to your production needs.  

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