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About the Merlin CNC Router

Meet the All new Merlin CNC Router.  Built from the ground up and fully designed here in the UK.  With an extensive feature set not normally seen on a CNC machine in this price range. 

With a rigid stress tested body, reliable set of components and first class service from Mantech Machinery Ltd, this CNC machine is on the top of many a workshops list.  All of our Merlin CNC routers come with full installation and training, carried out by our own in-house team of friendly, knowledgeable CNC engineers.

Each Merlin comes with our own in-house developed M-Tech Motion Control System, full customisation and an extensive feature set that has unrivalled granular control over your CNC router.

Our Merlin can be upgraded from manual tool change to auto tool change!

Leaders in the industry,  our Merlin CNC router has also been designed with a clear upgrade path to Auto Tool Change.  No longer do you have to buy a separate machine if you wanted to upgrade in the future.  With our unique upgrade system you can save money, purchase the Merlin and only pay to upgrade your current machine.  Mantech constantly strive to offer our customers the very best experience when it comes to our range of affordable, feature rich machinery.

A Well Built, Feature Rich CNC Router

The Merlin range of routers are used in a huge array of sectors such as:

  • Furniture production
  • Aerospace
  • Ply Lining
  • Custom Products
  • Marine engineering
  • Auto engineering
  • Pharmaceutical & chemical
  • Educational
  • Construction and many more…

Fast, affordable, reliable.  With advances in our own research and development our Merlin range has become a class leading CNC machine that is often used for manufacturing signs, custom furniture, tool box foam inserts, Corian work surfaces, profile cutting and drilling, wood carving, conveyor belt production, bespoke products, soft metal processing, set and model making, Exhibition stands and POS  manufacture.  The list goes on!

The Merlin CNC Router range is a powerhouse in it’s own right, it may not have the Auto Tool Change capabilities of it’s bigger brother the Apollo ATC, however If you don’t require auto tool change as a feature, then the Merlin CNC router is a fantastic choice for any workshop.

What Can the M-Tech CNC Motion Control System do?

Touch Screen

Control your CNC router via touch operation (including traditional methods such as mouse and keyboard).

Windows PC

Familiar operating environment – easy to use, not many people/operators don’t know how to use MS Windows.

Network Capable

Connect the machine to your network – easy transfer files from your design department to the CNC.

Third Party Software

As this is a windows based machine, run other software such as V-carve or Alphacam, directly at the machine.

Touch Based Vacuum

Control your vacuum zones via touch – vacuum can also be automatically operated when the machine starts and stops (energy saving and convenient)

Wireless Pendant

Control your machine with your wireless pendant for ultimate granular controls. Including custom macro functions assigned to your pendant.

Material Location Stops Control

Automatic operation of location stops, enabling you to accurately ‘locate’ your work material onto the vacuum bed for location in the same place, every time.

Work-piece Simulation Mode

Get a 3D view of your project and simulate processing just before cutting.  Saving on waste materials by checking for errors before you commence.

Project Duration

Easily see how long the cutting process will take with accurate time measurements.

Advanced Algorithms

The system constantly reads g-code multiple steps ahead of the actual movement, analysing and adjusting pre the event. Extremely efficient operation.

Enhanced Spindle Control

As our motion control system uses an analogue rather than digital signal, you can get granular control over your spindle speed, right down to 1 rpm increments.

Enhanced Tool Change Control (ATC Models Only)

Direct control over tool changes including speed, distance and clearance.

Accurate tool measurement (ATC Models Only)

Extremely accurate tool length measurement, taking tool wear into consideration.

G-Code Edit

Enables the user to make alterations to the g-code. Including a jump to line function.

Built-in support for up-to 6 axis

M-tech allows for support for up-to 6 axis, included within the software. Allowing for upgrades such as a rotary axis tool or aggregate head function.

CNC Router - Illuminated Detailing
CNC router - Heavy Duty Design
CNC Router Enhanced Build Quality
CNC Router - Rail Lubrication
CNC Router - Fully Connected Services

What's Included: Merlin CNC Routers

Unrivalled Control System
In-house developed M-TECH motion control that includes a Touch based PC based system, wireless pendant and podium.
High performance spindles
6.0KW (8hp) ER32 air cooled spindle system – manual tool change
Vacuum system
Multi-zone bed with touch screen activation controls, including pump system and filter.
Drive motor type
Rapid hybrid drive system – exceptional performance with lower power consumption
Mechanical Drive type
Helical rack and pinion, reciprocating ball screw drives on Z.
Linear guide rails/carriers
HIWIN oil inject centralised linear rail lubrication.
Material Positioning Stops/Guides
Pneumatic pop-up end stops for material location.
Extraction system
NEW enhanced, ‘Focussed’ dust extraction system included.
Tool cooling
Integrated pneumatic cutter cooling/lubrication system.
Safety features
Modular Safety fences with optical IR guarding.
M-TECH Control & Vectric V Carve Pro (Optional AlphaCAM
UK Mainland included. (offloading and siting option available if required).
Our professional installation team will fully commission your new machine – It is the customers responsibility to ensure they have the correct electrical and air outputs (we will advise you on what is required).
24 months standard warranty with extended warranty periods available.

Available in bed sizes of:

  • 1300 x 1300mm (NEW)
  • 1300 x 2500 mm
  • 1600 x 3100 mm
  • 2050 x 3050 mm
  • 2050 x 4000 mm
Custom bed sizing is also available.
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Want to speak to someone?

Buying a CNC Router is a big step for any business and you want to know you’re purchasing the right machine that matches your business needs.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444

*Offloading and siting of the machine is the end users responsibility, we will however advise all of our customers should they need assistance with this.

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