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Keep coming back for more content as we add it to our video vault, great for watching our machines such as CNC, CO2 Laser, Fibre Lasers, Sheet Metal Machinery in action.  We will also be adding a how to section in the very near future.  Stay tuned!

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Custom Jigs - CNC

Custom jig creation for shaped poly-carbonate lids. Jigs were produced on the CNC router out of MDF. 

Cembrit Drilling - CNC

Cembrit material being drilled on a CNC router. Cembrit is used in the construction industry and primarily used as cladding.

Aluminium Extrusion- CNC

CNC cut aluminium extrusion sat in a custom jig created on an Apollo ATC CNC Router

Customer Training- CNC

Customer Training on both Vectric Software and their newly installed Apollo 1325 ATC CNC Router.

Stone & Marble - CNC

Watch our NEW Stonetech CNC Router in action making a stone Celtic cross.

PVC Extrusion - CNC

A9 1325 Automatic tool change CNC router processing multiple PVC extrusions. Notching, drill, cut.

Exchange Table - Laser

Titan Fibre Laser in operation – showing cutting and exchange table in operation.

2 mm Mild Steel- Laser

Compact Fibre Laser cutting 2mm mild steel with precision, speed and ease.

Pewter Sheet - Laser

Fibretech 90130 Fibre (fiber) laser cutting pewter sheet. 

Stainless Steel - Laser

Fibretech Fibre Laser – our most compact fibre laser cutter. Producing a folding elephant out of stainless steel.

Flycut Testing - Laser

Flycut testing on a 1KW Fibre Laser using 1mm Stainless Steel Sheet.

Steel Tube/Pipe - Laser

Watch our Combination Fibre Laser Cutter processing steel tube – Like a knife through butter!

Steel Ferris Wheel - Laser

Making a stainless steel Ferris wheel on the Fibretech Fibre Laser.

Titanium Tube/Pipe - Laser

Need to cut titanium tube? no problem with a Titan Fibre Laser.

Various Metals - Laser

Watch the Fibretech Compact Metal Cutting Fibre Laser cut a variety of different materials such as stainless steel, zinc, brass, copper and aluminium.

Cupcake Stand - Laser

Making a cupcake stand on a CO2 laser cutter and engraving machine.  Great for parties.

Placemats - Laser

What will you make on yours?  Easily produce home decor items on your laser cutter.

Slate Engraving - Laser

This engraved heart shape blank is easily produced on a CO2 Laser Engraving machine.

Clutch Bag - Laser

Simple to to produce laser cut clutch back – produced from laser ply and cut on a CO2 laser machine.

Cake Holders - Laser

Laser cut cupcake holders and stands, laser engraved acrylic stands have also been engraved by our fibre laser marking system.

Glass Engrave - Laser

Glass tumblers – Laser engraved on one of our Lasertechs.

Tool Inserts - Laser

Making tool box inserts is easy with a CO2 Laser Cutter.  Watch our Lasertech cut through foam with ease.

Cutting Card - Laser

See how quick and accurate you can process card on a Lasertech Co2 Laser cutter.

Cutting Carpet - Laser

Carpet tiles – cut on our Lasertech CO2 laser cutter machine.

Acrylic Catapults - Laser

Have some office fun with these laser cut catapults! Quick and easy to make, just watch your eyes 🙂

Tool Inserts - Laser

Making tool box inserts is easy with a CO2 Laser Cutter.  Watch our Lasertech cut through foam with ease.

Engraving - Fibre Marker

Laser cut acrylic that has then been high speed marked using one of our Fibre marking lasers.

Aluminium - Fibre Marker

High speed marking onto aluminium sheet.  

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