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Machinery For Education

CO2 Lasers, CNC Routers, Fibre Lasers, CNC Plasma, Press Brakes, Guillotines

We supply a wide range of machinery to schools, colleges and universities across the nation. Whether your educational establishment needs a CO2 Laser, CNC Router, Fibre Laser or any of our sheet metal machinery, we can help. Perfect for departments like design technology, art, woodworking, sheet metal, and engineering.

Why choose Mantech as a supplier for your school, college or university?

Education Machinery Suppliers UK

Experienced Education Providers

We have hundreds of machines that we have supplied to schools across the UK and Ireland.  Our reviews speak for themselves, and we can always put you in touch with another educational customer should you wish to hear about their experience.

Affordable Machinery

Affordable certainly doesn’t equate to inferior in our case. We provide some of the most reliable machines in the industry, with high-quality build and components, wrapped up in a full turnkey solution for your school, all fully installed with training. 
Quality Service

First Class Service Throughout

When you purchase a machine from us, you get our signature first-class service from start to finish, whether that’s during the sales process, during installation or at any point in the life of your machine. We have dedicated service engineers that can cover the whole of the UK.
CO2 Laser Cutters UK

CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving

With our full range of CO2 Laser cutting machines, you have a wide choice of bed sizes and upgrades available to choose from. Perfect for learning and creating!
Apollo ATC CNC Routers From the UK's Leading CNC Machinery Specialist.

CNC Routers For Education

Does your department have a woodworking department? Our impressive CNC routers can aid in your education program, teaching new skills to students.
Titan T2 Fibre Laser Cutter UK

Fibre Lasers For Education

With our range of fully enclosed Fibre Laser cutters, colleges and universities that have sheet metal and engineering programs can benefit from our competitively priced systems, perfect for engineering and fabrication students.

CNC Plasma Cutters For Education

We offer a comprehensive selection of user-friendly CNC Plasma Cutting tables and Hypertherm cutting torch systems for educational institutions with sheet metal fabrication workshops.
High Performance Press Brake Machines - Affordable Cost

Press Brakes For Education

We also provide a wide array of high-quality, budget-friendly Press Brakes for technical colleges and universities, designed for easy operation and ideal for bustling engineering or fabrication departments.
Hydraulic Guillotine

Guillotines For Education

We additionally supply an extensive collection of sheet metal guillotines, tailored for effortless operation and cost-effectiveness, making them an excellent choice for any thriving engineering or fabrication department in technical colleges and universities.
Excellent Warranty

Extended Warranty

Extended warranty periods are available on top of our standard warranties, making sure you have the right cover available for your school, college or university. 

Additional Training For Staff

We can also train additional staff within your design and technology departments should they switch to another area or leave. This ensures you have constant cover for your machinery investment.

Service Agreements

Service level agreements are available to all of our educational customers should you wish to take them out. Please discuss this with your Mantech representative at any point before or even after installation. 

Consumables and Materials

We offer consumables for all of our machinery, such as mirrors, lenses, laser tubes, tool holders and more. Alongside this we also supply a range of Perspex branded acrylic for use in our CO2 Laser cutters, all cut down to the exact dimensions of your laser cutters’ bed size.  We have a range of CNC router tooling bits and cutters, bed skimming tools and essentials like collet cleaning kits.
Split Machinery

Split Machinery

Some of our machines can be split down for easier access into tight spaces or hard-to-get to locations. Please ask one of the team to guide you through the options available.
Software Included


All of our machinery comes with software to control the usage of our machinery, for example, our CO2 Lasers come complete with Lightburn (CAD/CAM), CNC routers with V Carve Pro as standard (CAD/CAM)
Laser Power

Laser Cutter Safety

Our CO2 Laser Cutters come complete with fully enclosed systems and are housed in a class 1 safety enclosure along with safety interlocks. Should the lid be opened the system can be classified as class 2 due to the laser pointer used for locating start points on your material (visible laser). Should the system be opened and any of the safety features be defeated the system shall be deemed class 4.
Air Assist

Laser Fume Extraction

Should your CO2 Laser be used within a location where standard extraction is not suitable, for example in the classroom, we can supply all of our CO2 Lasers with suitable extraction systems such as a Purex or BOFA air filtration system, enabling the safe use of laser cutters in an educational environment.

Mantech’s Machinery Range Is Perfect For

Design Technology

Design & Technology

Press Brakes

Sheet Metal Courses

Art and Design Schools

Art & Design Departments

Engineer Schools

Engineering Schools

Some of our educational customers

University of Birmingham
Life Centre - Newcastle
University Of OXford
Edinburgh University
Surrey Unviersity
University Of East Anglia
Hariot Watt Academy
Canterbury Christchurch University
Folkstone College
Swansea University
Imperial College London
Kingston University
Discovery Academy
One Global School
UCA University For The Creative Arts

Some of our education installations

CO2 Laser Cutter Installation at a School
Titan T2 Fibre Laser Truro College
Hydraulic Guillotine - New College Swindon
Fibre Laser Engraver - University In London
CO2 Laser Cutter Installation Belfast - Educaiton
Titan T1 Fibre Laser Cutter Installation - Engineering Academy Coventry
Apollo ATC CNC Router Installation - College in Bude
Multicut MCUT CO2 Laser Cutter Installation - Nottingham University
CO2 Laser Cutter Installation at a School
Educational Laser Installation Newcastle UK
School Laser Cutters UK

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