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The UK’s Leading Fibre Laser Cutter Supply and Installation Specialists.

Suppliers of high-performance, metal-cutting solutions such as fibre lasers throughout the UK, Ireland, Spain, Romania & Poland. With masses of experience selling and installing Fibre Lasers, Mantech are the perfect company to partner with. All of our Titan Fibre Lasers are enclosed and come with safety-rated laser viewing panels as standard. Read more about Fibre Laser Safety

NEW High Powered Fibre Laser Cutters

up to 60kW of Cutting Power With Our Range of Advanced Metal cutting Lasers
3015H Ultra High Power Fibre Laser Cutter UK and Ireland

Best In Class, Affordable Fibre Laser Cutter Machines From The UK’s Leading Machinery Supplier. Perfect For Metal Fabrication

Titan T1
Fibre Laser Cutter

Titan Fibre Laser Cutter

Our Most Compact System – Perfect for Small Workshops

Our latest Titan T1 Fiber Laser Metal Cutting System is our most affordable yet. It’s compact yet powerful and loaded with features while still being affordable.

These metal-cutting lasers are priced competitively and offer unmatched features for their price. They come in a full enclosure with full safety features implemented throughout the range.

Impressive performance in a compact package.
The Titan T1 is one of our most popular Fibre Laser Cutters.

This compact system can be configured with powerful fibre laser sources up to 2kW and comes with impressive features and software.

Servo driven for superior accuracy and operation the Titan T1 is perfect for customers wanting powerful cutting capabilities in a compact package.

With its easy-to-use control software and included PC-based operating system the T1 Fibre Laser is easy to use after our training module has been undertaken by your operator.

One of our most popular systems with a wide variety of customers, especially in education due to its compact nature and impressive metal cutting capability.
Industries and applications that use our Titan T1 Fibre Laser:

Sign Makers | Sheet Metal Workers | Aerospace | Medical | Oil and Gas | Education | Research and Development | Prototyping | Automotive Engineering | Marine Industry | and much more…
Available in the following compact bed size:

1300 x 900 mm

Titan T2/Plus
Fibre Laser Cutter

Affordable Fibre Lasers - Titan T2 Fibre Laser Cutter

Our Most Popular Fibre Laser – Available in 2 Sizes

The Titan T2 is a fully enclosed Fibre Laser Cutting Machine that is affordable and packed with features. It includes a pull-out loading table to ensure maximum compactness.

With a 1260 x 2510 mm bed size, the Titan T2 range of fibre cutters is ideal for smaller workshops with limited space. The T2 Plus model also offers a more significant bed option of 1500 x 3000 mm and power options of up to 4kW. Now operated using a touchscreen interface.
A small-footprint but highly efficient fibre laser metal cutter that delivers rapid and precise cuts.

The T2 Fibre Laser models are configured with a bed size of 1260 x 2510 mm. For those needing more space, the T2 Plus offers an expanded cutting area of 1500 x 3000 mm.

Featuring a full safety enclosure and CE-compliant viewing panels, the T2 series is capable of processing a variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminium.

Our T2 fibre laser cutting machines have a unique door operation and pull-out cutting table to enable easier loading of materials.

Since its introduction, the Titan T2 has grown from strength to strength with installations across the UK and Ireland.
Industries and applications that use our Titan T2 Fibre Laser:

Sign Makers | Sheet Metal Workers | Aerospace | Medical | Oil and Gas | Education | Research and Development | Prototyping | Automotive Engineering | Marine Industry | General Fabrication
Available in the following bed sizes:

1260 x 2510 mm up to 3kW (Model T2)
1500 x 3000 mm up to 4KW (Model T2 Plus)

Titan T3 Series
Fibre Laser

Titan T3 Fibre Laser Cutter

High Powered Fibre Laser Cutters

Introducing Titan, our most expansive sheet fibre laser cutter, designed for high-volume manufacturing with exacting standards.

This machine features a shuttle exchange table, enhancing your sheet metal production speed and efficiency. It’s built with top-tier laser components, including standard full servo drives across all our fibre laser models.

The Titan system is available in bed sizes that extend up to 8 metres in length, catering to your specific production requirements.
Highly capable, fully featured – and affordable.  A Professional choice, fully commissioned, training included.  

A production machine in every way, perfect for larger engineering firms, high high-production facilities.

Each of our Titan fibre laser machines comes with a 
3000 x 1500 mm bed as standard (other bed sizes are available) and a choice of laser source options are available. 

Process materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium etc.

Our Titan Fibre Laser comes with power sources of up to 6kW allowing for thicker sheets of materials to be loaded onto the machine – which includes a shuttle exchange table for loading.
Industries and applications that use our Titan T3, T4, T6, T8 Fibre Lasers:

Sign Makers | Sheet Metal Workers | Aerospace | Medical | Oil and Gas | Education | Research and Development | Prototyping | Automotive Engineering | Marine Industry | General Fabrication
Available in the following bed sizes:

1500 x 3000 (Model T3)
2000 x 4000 (Model T4)
2000 x 6000 (Model T6)
2000 x 8000 (Model T8)

Titan Combi
Fibre Laser

Titan Fibre Laser - Combination Laser UK

Best of Both Worlds Fibre Laser Cutter – Tube and Flat Plate

Titan Combination Fibre Laser Cutter Overview:

All of our Titan Fiber Laser metal cutting combination machines feature a cutting area of at least 1500 mm x 3000 mm.

Additionally, they come with an indexer that can laser cut tubes up to 3000 mm in length and up to a maximum diameter of 160 mm as standard. The system is also upgradeable to accommodate tubes with a maximum diameter of 215 mm.
Need both a sheet metal ‘and’ a tube cutting machine? but don’t have the budget for two separate machines or space in the workshop!

Our Combination Fibre Laser Cutting Machine is a great choice. Get the best of both worlds! The Laser Head can process either Sheet materials on the main bed, or move across to cut Tube in the additional Tube cutting Zone.
Each of our Titan Fibre Laser Combination Machines come with a cutting area of at least 1500mm x 3000mm, they also come with an indexer to laser cut tube up to 3000mm in length up to a Maximum diameter of 160mm as standard, upgradable up to 215mm.

Perfect for customers looking for a combined cutting solution for flat plate and tube profiles.
Industries and applications that use our Titan Combination Fibre Lasers:

Sign Makers | Sheet Metal Workers | Aerospace | Medical | Oil and Gas | Education | Research and Development | Prototyping | Automotive Engineering | Marine Industry | General Fabrication
Available in a range of bed sizes:

1500 x 3000 mm
2000 x 4000 mm

Titan Tube
Fibre Laser Cutter

Titan Metal Tube Cutting Fibre Laser

Powerful Tube and Pipe Cutting Fibre Lasers

Our Titan fibre laser metal tube cutting solution is capable of handling high-production projects with ease, thanks to its processing length of 6-8 metres.

Our tube-cutting machines are available in a variety of cutting powers and are among the most affordable and capable fibre lasers available in the UK and Europe.
Industries and applications that use our Titan Tube Fibre Lasers:

Sign Makers | Sheet Metal Workers | Aerospace | Medical | Oil and Gas | Education | Research and Development | Prototyping | Automotive Engineering | Marine Industry | General Fabrication
Highly capable, fully featured – and affordable.  A Professional choice, fully commissioned, training included.  

A production machine in every way, perfect for larger engineering firms, and high-production facilities.

Metal pipe cutting has never been so efficient or affordable, especially with our combination of performance and aggressive pricing.  Notch out or cut metal tube, pipe and box section with high precision and at unbelievable speeds.

Profiles: square, rectangular channel, flat bar & oval

Process materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium etc. on our Titan Fibre Lasers. Our Titan Fibre Laser comes with either a 1kW, 1.5kW, or 2kW power source. 
Sign Makers | Sheet Metal Workers | Aerospace | Medical | Oil and Gas | Education | Research and Development | Prototyping | Automotive Engineering | Marine Industry | General Fabrication
Either 6m or 8m in length up to a max of 220 mm diameter with the standard chuck.
Mantech Machinery UK

Affordable machinery, first class service.

Why choose us?

Competitive Pricing
Software Included
Delivery Included*
Installation Included
Training Included
Exceptional Aftercare
UK Engineers
23 Years In Business

About Fibre Laser Cutting Machines – Compact, Flatbed, Combination and Tube Cutting Systems.

The UK’s #1 for high quality, affordable industrial metal cutting Fibre Lasers, with our vast industrial laser knowledge and affordable range of cutting systems, Mantech is the perfect machinery partner for all your needs. Our Range Of Fibre Laser Cutting Machines is fully tested and assembled to rigorous standards at our huge 32,000 square feet facility in Halesowen, West Midlands.  Each of our models of fibre laser is suitable for a wide range of industry applications and products.

Our Fibre Lasers are affordable and very competitively priced, installed by our team of nationwide and highly experienced engineers.  We have installed many metal cutting fibre laser machines in a huge range of areas such as general engineering, product manufacturing, universities, aerospace, automotive, personalised gift makers, fabricators, sign makers and so much more.  Precision cutting of metals has never been easier or as affordable.

All of our Fibre Lasers come complete with Windows PC-based systems giving you full control over the operation of your machine, in addition to Windows, you also get a wireless pendant controller to operate the functions of your fibre laser.  Whatever the type of Fibre Laser you’re looking for we have an option that would suit your business. Our Titan T1 and T2 metal fibre laser cutters cover our compact range where the T3 and upwards are aimed at larger-scale cutting projects.

Is it time to bring your fibre laser cutting process in-house? Now more than ever fibre laser cutting technology has become more affordable for businesses to bring the whole cutting process in-house to manage both productivity and quality control.

Fibre Laser Cutting Machines are fast becoming more affordable to many more industries and businesses than ever before.  At one time this technology was out of reach for small engineering and fabrication firms.  However due to advances in manufacturing and parts cost falling, these high-end machines are now much more affordable and accessible.

How does a Fibre Laser work?

A fibre laser works by focusing a high-powered laser source directly onto metals below the focusing lens within the cutting head.  This high-powered energy beam is then activated and absorbed by the material, producing extremely high temperatures and melting (vapourising) the materials. 

Our metal lasers can easily cut through metal materials up to 35 mm thick (depending upon configuration).

Fibre laser technology is aimed at high production, high-speed processing of sheet and tube metals, however, we also cater for the smaller end of the market with our Compact Fiber Laser metal cutting machines, these are perfect for space-conscious or lower production facilities that only require a table size of up to 1300 x 900 mm.

A fibre laser machine can process carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel as well as other metals such as brass & copper.  However, this will be determined by the power source and subject to certain power levels. We offer a range of laser source options for our machines enabling us to match all budgets and each machine comes with features you would expect to be on machines that cost much more. 

Such as protective safety covers that are a must in any production environment, and dual table exchange systems (whilst the machine is in production the operator can be loading up for the next run) vastly improve operator efficiency and production outputs.

Each metal-cutting laser machine is powered by a Windows-based system, enabling full control over the machine and the production files, giving on-the-fly changes to files, by the operator whilst at the machine.

We offer full UK support with all of our systems, offering service and support beyond your standard warranty.  

When you purchase a machine from Mantech you also gain access to our highly acclaimed telephone & email technical support for the life of your machine.  

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Fibre Laser Cutters – How they can help your sheet metal workshop
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Applications for Fibre Laser Cutters in Industries

Due to their accuracy and high power output, fibre laser cutters have become increasingly popular in a wide range of industries from automotive manufacturing and aerospace production to electronics assembly and medical device development. They are ideal for cutting metal components with extreme precision, making them invaluable for creating accurate designs quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of Fibre Laser Cutters Over Other Types of Laser

One of the major advantages offered by fibre laser cutters is their efficiency; they require up to 70% less energy than traditional CO2 or solid-state lasers while providing equal or greater power output. Additionally, they provide a much higher degree of accuracy when compared to other types of lasers; this allows for more precise parts with intricate details without sacrificing speed or quality. 

What can you cut on a Fibre Laser?

Mild Steel

All of our Fiber Laser cutters will cut mild/carbon steel, how thick you can cut is dependent upon what power source you choose.

Stainless Steel

Cutting stainless steel with one of our Titan or Fibretech laser cutters is easily achievable and at high accuracy.


Looking to process aluminium* on a fibre laser cutter?  We can advise you on the best possible cutting solution for cutting this reflective material.


Cut titanium plate using one of our Titan fibre lasers, by utilising the correct assistive gases and parameters. 

Brass & Copper

Both of these materials have high reflectivity and require the use of a specialist reflective absorption protective device* allowing them to be processed on a Fiber Laser. 

Fibre Laser Extraction

Cyclone is a compact dry dust collection system that uses cartridges designed to reduce the emission of particles into the air and guarantee an environment that is free from dust, thus increasing the safety of the industrial process of laser cutting metals and improving the environmental conditions of the location where cutting is taking place.

Fibre Laser Cutters – In Conclusion

A fibre laser cutter is the perfect tool for the precision cutting of a variety of materials. Its advanced fibre laser technology allows for fast, accurate and repeatable cuts with minimal heat affected zone.

The intuitive user interface makes it easy to set up and operate, while its robust construction ensures reliable performance.

Key Features

  • Advanced fibre laser technology
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable cuts
  • Minimal heat-affected zone
  • Intuitive easy to use user interface
  • Robust construction

Additional Software Options


Fibre Laser Software Options
Libellula CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet metal industry, available for both 2D and 3D types of cutting machines (laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, punching and pipe cutting).  All of our Titan Fibre lasers come with the option to use Libellula.CUT.

Modern interface
Software multitasking
Easy to learn system
Drag & drop multi-part import
‘Nexting’ impressive nesting functions to reduce waste

RADAN Radprofile

Radan Fibre Laser Software
Radprofile provides your operators with the tools required to reduce lead times and optimise your laser, plasma, water jet and flame-cutting machines. Designed to integrate with Radpunch seamlessly the RADAN punch/profile solution delivers optimisation for punch profile combination machine tools.
Our range of  Titan metal cutting Fibre Lasers integrates perfectly with RADAN, giving you unrivalled control over your sheet metal production requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, please get in touch with one of the team either via our quick quotation form or call us on 0121 541 1444 to book in your own, personalised demonstration on one of our Titan Fibre Lasers. If you can’t make it to our HQ for a demonstration, you are also more than welcome to send files and material for testing, we can then video the process for you and send your samples back to you. 

You may find some UK suppliers happy to sell you a machine that does not come with an enclosure, however as these are powerful class 4 laser cutting systems we firmly believe that your safety is paramount when it comes to operating a fibre laser cutter.

These high-powered laser cutters should be shrouded by the enclosure to protect customers from the real risk of laser exposure. On top of laser exposure, you also have to look at the potential issue of metal particulates caused by vapourisation, as the laser is being operated,  being allowed to freely contaminate the surrounding workplace.  Investing in a good extraction system like our Cyclone extraction model is always good practice. 

Any Fibre Laser Cutter that has no safety enclosure will not conform to UKCA/CE safety regulations.

For more information on ‘Fibre Laser Safety’ take a look at our latest news post on the subject.

We have our very own dedicated team of installation engineers, capable of installing fibre lasers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Our team of professional engineers will commission your fibre laser alongside operational training for operators, ensuring the safe operation of your new investment.

All of our Fibre Lasers come with software and a built-in PC system to control your machine. We also offer optional upgrades to either Libellula or RADAN software should you have the experience or requirements. To find out more about these options please ask your Mantech representative to assist you. You can also visit the Libellula or RADAN website for more information.

Our Titan T1 comes with our full UK warranty of 12 months whilst the larger T2/3/4/6/8 models all come with our leading 2 years warranty. All of our machines come with lifetime support via our telephone and email service. 

We can offer extended warranties on all of our machines for up to a 5-year period, giving you extra peace of mind on your Fibre Laser Cutting machine investment.

Yes. We can offer you and your business a service-level agreement that you can take out either with the purchase of your new fibre laser or at any time after, please get in touch with your Mantech contact or our service team.

All of our engineers are employed by Mantech. We have a large network of road engineers that support our customers throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Fibre Laser Customer Installations

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