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Industry Applications

Our industrial machinery supports many applications, including sign-making, cabinet-making, furniture production, and metal fabrication. It also suits vehicle outfitting, aerospace, marine engineering, plastics fabrication, education and so much more.

Find out how a Mantech machine can help your business

Sign Making

Machinery Applications - Signmaking
Our company offers sign makers various equipment, including CNC routers, CO2 lasers, fibre laser cutters, and folding machines. These reliable and user-friendly machines enable businesses to produce high-quality products for customers globally.

Cabinet Making

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing - Applications
Mantech supplies and installs machinery for cabinet makers, including 3 and 4-axis CNC routers and CO2 lasers. These machines are specifically designed to assist in producing kitchen, bedroom, and office cabinets across the UK, Ireland, and Europe.

Furniture Production

Custom Furniture - Applications
Customers, who manufacture a range of modern and traditional furniture for various settings such as homes, offices, and educational institutions, use our CNC routers and laser cutters. These machines enable them to produce items like couches, tables, chairs, and other furniture products efficiently and effectively.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication - Applications
Mantech offers fast and efficient industrial machinery for sheet metal fabrication that is affordable and won’t break the bank. Our range of machinery includes Titan Fibre Lasers, Guillotines, Press Brakes, and heavy-duty Phantom CNC Plasma Cutting Tables, which are ideal for such applications. They can help you and your business with the production of sheet metal fabrication quickly and effectively. To learn more about how Fibre Lasers can help your fabrication you can read this article.

Vehicle Outfitting

Vehicle Conversions - Applications
If you’re interested in producing van ply lining kits or full camper van conversions, our range of CNC routers can help you achieve your production goals while reducing waste and maximising productivity at a lower cost. We offer a range of impressive machinery options, including the Spartan, Falcon, and Apollo CNC Routers, which you can choose from. To further enhance your creativity, you can combine these routers with CO2 Lasers. Check out this article for reasons why CNC Routers are perfect for camper van interior production

Aerospace Eng

Aerospace Engineering - Applications
We offer a variety of manufacturing solutions for sheet metal production, bending, folding, and CNC routing to meet the needs of our aerospace engineering customers. Our range of Titan fibre laser cutters provides options for flat plate and tube cutting, as well as a combined flat tube and plate system. For folding operations, our easy-to-use hydraulic folders provide an affordable option, while our premium press brakes are better suited for more advanced applications.

Stone & Architectural

Marble and Stone - Applications
If you’re interested in producing architectural designs, headstones, granite work surfaces, or other stone-based products, Mantech offers easy-to-use Stone Cutting CNC Routers at an affordable price. Our routers can help your business achieve its production goals efficiently and effectively. Why not read our Stone CNC Router article about what kind of stone it can process?

Marine Engineering

Our impressive range of machinery can be beneficial for marine engineering and manufacturing companies that require efficient and effective production of components and products. We offer Titan fibre lasers for fast and accurate cutting in sheet metal operations, as well as CNC Plasma Cutting tables for heavy-duty cutting. Additionally, our 3 and 4-axis CNC routers provide affordable wood, soft metal, and composite cutting with ease.

Plastics Fabrication

Plastic and acrylic Fabrication - Applications
Is your business involved in plastic fabrication? If yes, we can assist you with reliable and user-friendly machinery such as CNC routers for routing and drilling operations, and CO2 lasers for cutting acrylics with fine finishing. Our range of CNC routers includes 3 and 4 axis options to meet your processing requirements, from the cost-effective Spartan CNC routers to the high-end Premium Apollo ATC. CNC Routers are able to work with a variety of different types of plastic such as Acrylic, HPDE, Polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, Nylon 66, Polyetheretherketone (PEEK), PTFE, Polypropylene and more.


Education - Applications
Mantech Machinery, a top supplier to the education sector, can provide your institution with a range of safe and impressive machinery. Whether you need a CO2 Laser Cutter for your classroom or one of our CNC Routers for higher education courses, we can help you choose the perfect machine to suit your needs. Our impressive range of Titan Fibre lasers is also highly sought-after by engineering departments.

Shop Fitting

Shop Fitting - Application
Our range of machinery can help your business achieve new and exciting heights in the shop fitting sector. Stay ahead of the competition by bringing your cutting, shaping, and engraving operations in-house with a CNC router, CO2 Laser, or even a Fibre Laser (for impressive metal cutting). Our range of machinery can be customised to suit your needs, and we offer a variety of cutting beds to accommodate popular sheet sizes such as 8 x 4 ft, 10 x 5ft, and more.


Crafters - Applications
The home-based and crafting industry has experienced significant growth over the years, and with technology becoming more accessible, the cost of machinery has reduced, allowing our customers to purchase a range of machines that are perfect for personalization, prototyping new products, and creating a variety of items such as wedding gifts, Father’s and Mother’s Day products, one-offs, and much more. Check out our range of Laser Cutters and CNC routers for more information.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Applications for CNC Routers UK
Recently, the CNC industry has witnessed expansion in the creation of underfloor heating systems. CNC routers can assist in manufacturing these products by carving out channels for pipes and facilitating efficient designs. Our assortment of stock bed sizes and tailor-made machines make the production of underfloor heating systems a breeze.

Foam Packaging

Tool Foam Custom Inserts and Shadow Boards
Creating custom foam inserts for packaging fragile items
Cutting foam to fit specific product dimensions
Providing cushioning and protection during shipping. We also have many customers who specialise in producing custom tool holders, flight cases and much more. CNC Routers are a perfect choice, although CO2 Lasers can also perform this task however you must ensure the material is safe to process.

Sports Equipment

Skateboard - Surfboards, Snowboard manufacturing
Crafting components for sports equipment such as surfboards, skateboards, and snowboards
Milling precise shapes and contours for optimal performance and engraving logos and designs on sports equipment. Both CNC Routers and CO2 Laser Cutters can aid your business to produce such items accurately and efficiently.

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