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Titan  Metal Cutting Machines

Our Titan Fibre Laser Cutting Machines are fully tested to rigorous standards at our huge 32,000 square feet facility in Oldbury in the West Midlands. 

Sheet metal cutting machines are our speciality, and we are experts in fibre laser cutting technology.

All of our Titan Fibre Laser Machines supplied by Mantech come standard with a 2 Year Warranty, (extendable) depending upon your business needs.  We also offer on-site maintenance programs to give you full peace of mind from our team of experienced Technicians

Meet The Titan Combination Fibre Laser Machine

Titan Flat plate and tube metal cutting laser

Features & Benefits Of Metal Cutting Machines

Need both a sheet metal ‘and’ a tube cutting machine? but don’t have the budget for two separate machines or space in the workshop!

Our Combination Fibre Laser Cutting Machine is a great choice. Get the best of both worlds! The Laser Head can process either Sheet materials on the main bed, or move across to cut Tube in the additional Tube cutting Zone.


Each of our Titan Fibre Laser Combination Machines come with a cutting area of at least 1500mm x 3000mm, they also come with an indexer to laser cut tube upto 3000mm in length up to a Maximum diameter 160mm Standard, upgradeable up to 215mm. Profiles; square, rectangular channel, flat bar & oval.

Process carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium.  

What type of industries and markets are Fibre Laser Machines used in?

  • Marine engineering
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Steel fabricators
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Sign making
  • General construction
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical component manufacture
  • Volume component manufacturing
  • Prototyping
UK Fibre Laser Cutting Machines
Cut Metal On a Fibre Laser Cutter

Specification: Titan Fibre Laser

Flat Plate Max Cutting Parameter Guide*  < 

Carbon Steel
*10mm max
*14mm max
*18mm max
*22mm max
*24mm max
Stainless Steel
*5mm max
*6mm max
*8mm max
*10mm max
*12mm max
Aluminium Alloy
*3mm max
*4mm max
*5mm max
*8mm max
*8mm max
*1.5m max
*1.5mm max
*2mm max
*5mm max
*6mm max
Round Tube Cutting Parameters  *<  max cutting guides
Power Source
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
*6mm max
*4mm max
*8mm max
*4mm max
*12mm max
*6mm max
*12mm max
*6mm max
*14mm max
*10mm max
Square Tube Cutting Parameters *< max cutting guides
Power Source
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
*6mm max
*3mm max
*8mm max
*4mm max
*12mm max
*4mm max
*12mm max
*6mm max
*14mm max
*6mm max
Laser source
Cutting head
Servo motor & drive system
Y axis dual drive 1.3KW, X axis 850W, Z axis 400W. (YASKAWA – Japan)
Exchange table
Load limit 800KG standard 3 x 1.5 m machine. Custom bed strengthening available upon request.
Guide rails
Hiwin/PMI (Taiwan)
Gear & Rack
APEX (Taiwan)
Shimpo (Japan)
Water chiller
Tongfei – dual temperature control
CNC Control
Cypcut cutting control system
Power requirements
3 Phase AC 380V 50HZ 63A
X 4 nozzles
X 3 protective lenses
X 1 focus lens
X 1 ceramic ring
X 1 filter element

Our Titan Fibre Laser comes with either a high perfromance 1KW, 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 3.3KW, 4KW laser power source. 

Tube diameter capacity is 160 mm with the option of increasing this to a capacity of 215 mm.

Delivery, training and commissioning is included.  Offloading & positioning is available (price upon request).

Increased bed size
4000 x 2000 mm bed
Alternative laser source
IPG or nLIGHT options available
Cutting head
Optional auto focus system
Extra cutting diameter
215 mm capacity

Technical Features

Fibre laser light energy is created by banks of diodes.  The light is transferred  through special fibre optic cable, an efficient energy transfer compared to conventional methods. The light, upon exiting the fibre cable, is then collimated (straightened) as it approaches the focus lens – which intensifies the beam enabling it to cut through the material with astonishing speed and accuracy.

A. Superb quality of laser beam, constant BPP within all the ranges of laser powers,so that long focus can still achieve an extremely small beam width.

B. electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser supply is 25% more efficient than CO2, therefore electricity consumption is drastically reduced.

C. Laser is transmitted by fiber optic cables, almost no energy loss during transmission to cutting head.

D. Modular design, allows easy assembly and beam alignment is minimal due to fibre optic transfer (No Mirrors). In addition, auto lube traverse systems minimize maintenance procedures.

E. Life span of Laser source is approximately 100,000 hours.

Raytools cutting head with high-performance non-contact capacitive height sensor is used and is designed to withstand high ‘gas assist’ pressures. The proven lens cartridge change system makes switching lenses for different materials or applications fast & simple. A. High cutting speed with the best cutting quality B. Quick change-over between three focal lengths without changing the TCP (Tool Centre Point) C. Protective window (lens) can be replaced as a consumable part, to extend the life of the focusing lens.

The machine body is a monobloc frame structure. The machine’s inertia remains the same for all material thicknesses and sizes to be cut, which gives optimum quality of the laser beam at the cutting head as well as its movement and accuracy. The compactness and robustness of this monobloc structure guarantees an optimum rigidity and stability. The machine frame incorporates collector trays on wheels (situated under
the cutting table) for removal of scrap and small components falling through the table grids

A. Precise positioning & repeatability rack and pinion system (Atlanta, Germany)

B. Square rail (HIWIN, TAIWAN)

C. Fixed on the stable monobloc structure, the transmission system for the X-, Y- and Z-axis guarantee very precise movements of the gantry and laser cutting head.

Closed loop AC servo drive system and servomotors to ensure high dynamics, vibration- free operation and maximum precision

A. Yaskawa servo motors (Japan) Y Axis Dual Drive (3KW Y1/Y2) X Axis (1800W) Z Axis (850W)

B. The servo reducer (Shimpo, Japan) combined with the transmission system (see 4.5) and optimised for the servo motors results in the desired accuracy and motion at the rack and pinion.  

A. Power Automation CNC Control with integrated I/O

B. Each PA CNC Systems is equipped with the HMI (Human Machine Interface). With this open, browser based all important control functions are clearly represented to the operator, so it will work within shortest training time efficiently and safely with the CNC system.

C. The CNC Systems are equipped with high-speed processors to accomplish an extremely fast ‘Block Throughput”. Highly accurate contours with very small NC blocks can be processed without any loss of speed. therefore, the machine always reaches the highest productivity.

D. Cypcut laser cutting control system Support AI, DXF, PLT and other graphic data formats

CAD module/ Nesting + processing function.

A. Dual function intelligent cooling system, ensuring the efficient operation of laser cutting head and laser source

B. 5 HP compressor, brands that are highly efficient and reliable

C. Overcurrent/ overload protection High – and low-pressure protection via means of flow switch

D. High and low temperature alarm signals output E. LCD display temperature controller with multiple function setting and error alarming

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Titan Fibre Laser Cutters - Software

Fibre Laser Software UK
Fibre Laser Cutter Software

Our Fibre Laser Cutting Machines in the TITAN range come complete with industry leading software from RADAN. 

Radprofile provides your operators with the tools they require to reduce lead times and optimise your laser, plasma, water jet and flame cutting machines. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Radpunch the RADAN punch/profile solution delivers optimisation for punch profile combination machine tools.

Features at a glance

  • Drag & drop data input
  • Batch processing of DXF/DWG
  • Smart order lead-ins to maximise safety and reduce run times
  • Automatic hazard avoidance maintaining head safety
  • Intelligent tagging of components and scrap
  • Bridge cutting – reduced costs/times
  • Automatic common line cutting
  • Auto remnants, sheet scrapping and off-cuts
  • Project nesting
  • Graphical program verification
  • Quick estimates for parts or nests
  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Reduced lead times and increased production flexibility

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Purchasing a Fibre Laser Cutting System can be a complicated process, however, we make it easy, our in house experts can help you through the process to make it much clearer according to your requirements.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

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