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Titan T2 & T2 Plus Fibre Laser Metal Cutting Machines. Now Available with 12kW Power!

The T2 Fibre Laser comes in two sizes, T2 (1260 x 2510 mm) and the T2 Plus (1500 x 3000 mm). These high-performance Fibre Lasers come with a superb feature set, are touchscreen enabled and can be configured with a range of power sources up to 12kW!

The Cutting Edge: Upgrade Your Fabrication with our Fibre Laser Cutters!

Affordable Fibre Lasers - Titan T2 Fibre Laser Cutter

Why Not Spread The Cost of Buying a Titan T2? From £202.85 per week* Ask For Details.

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Full UK Warranty (1-5 Years)

Delivery Included

Fully Enclosed Laser System

Upto 12kW

Exceptional Service

Titan T2 and T2 Plus Metal Cutting Fibre Lasers – Incredibly Accurate, Incredibly Powerful.

Prices from £46,900 +VAT

Titan T2 Fibre Laser


Both the Titan T2 and T2 Plus share the same robust, industrial design as each other, from the stress-tested framework to the heavy-duty cutting bed, it’s safe to say the T2 series means business.
Titan T2 Fibre Laser

Feature Rich

Fully featured Fibre Laser Cutters with impressive cutting accuracy and inclusive software package make the Titan T2 an excellent choice for customers wanting a high-powered system without the additional space needed for a material shuttle device.
Titan T2 Fibre Laser


This powerful Fibre Laser Range is available with configurations up to 12kW, giving the end user impressive manufacturing capabilities. Combined with two different bed sizes available, the choice is yours!

Titan T2 Fibre Laser Cutter – Features at a glance

Easy DSP Controls

Easy To Operate

Each Titan T2 Fibre Laser comes with easy-to-use controls via a Windows-based PC system (included) and handheld remote control pendant system. As this is a Windows-based system networking, cloud storage third-party apps are all integrated seamlessly.
Laser Power

Compact Powerhouse

The Titan T2 series provides power options ranging from 1.5 kW to 12 kW, with flexible bed sizes to meet your project’s requirements. The T2 model has a 1260 x 2510 mm bed, while the T2 Plus offers a larger 1500 x 3000 mm bed. With this versatility, you can select the right combination of power and workspace to fit your specific tasks.
Software Included

Software Included

All of our Titan Fibre Lasers come with software packages associated with the systems. With the ability to opt for system upgrades like Libellula.CUT or RADAN, takes the Titan range to the next level. With flawless integration with the Cypcut control software, running the laser is quicker and easier than ever.
Easy Load Doors

Easy Load Door System

The T2 is our most compact machine doing away with the bulky exchange table. In order to make loading sheets as easy as possible it features wide opening doors and a slide-out bed making loading by crane, forklift or by hand easier than ever.
S&A Chiller Systems UK

Dual Circuit Chiller

All of our Fibre lasers come as standard with an S&A chiller with dual temperature control ensuring your power source and your optics remain cool no matter what.
Saw Tooth Slat Table

Easy Pull-Out Bed

In addition to the Easy Load Door system, our Titan T2 Fibre Lasers also utilise an easy-to-operate pull-out draw-type bed unit. Making it ever easier to load your sheets on the cutting bed without the need for a material exchange table (extra floor space).
Auto Focus

Auto Focus Cutting Head

Standard on all machines, the BM111 RayTools head. This has many features including being 3KW ready, built-in capacitance height sensor and autofocus making it effortless to transition between cutting different materials.
Touch Screen Control

Touch Screen Enabled

Each of our Titan T2 Fibre Lasers is equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen monitor, simplifying operation. This intuitive interface allows seamless control, making it easy to manage settings and monitor performance.

Industrial Build Quality

Compact Industrial Build (Fully Enclosed)

Safety is paramount, all of our Fibre Laser Cutters are fully enclosed for both operator and bystander safety and to ensure cut vapours can be extracted safely.
Safety Glasses - Laser Cutters

CE Rated Laser Viewing Panels

All of our Fibre Laser Cutters come with CE-rated Laser viewing glass for operator safety.
Software Included

Servo Driven System

Japanese Yaskawa Servo drive closed loop motors are used for high speed, and clinical positional accuracy. 
Cyclone Extraction

Cyclone Extraction

Our industrial Cyclone extraction systems are available to order as part of your package. These high-performance systems can be installed internally or with an optional cowling for external use.
Scrap Draws

UK Engineering Team

All of our engineers are based right here in the UK and form part of our installation and support teams.
Excellent Warranty

UK Warranty

All T2 Fibre laser cutters come with our excellent 24 months parts & labour warranty (does not include consumables).
Quality Service

After Sales Support

Our after-sales service is UK-based and available to all of our customers if needed. Lifetime technical support via email and telephone.

Titan T2 Metal Laser Overview

FeatureTitan T2 Fibre Laser Cutter Details
Ease of OperationEach Titan T2 Fibre Laser comes with easy-to-use controls via a windows-based PC system (included) and handheld remote control pendant system. Seamless integration with networking, cloud storage, and third-party apps.
Laser PowerThe Titan T2 series provides power options ranging from 1.5 kW to 12 kW
SoftwareAll Titan Fibre Lasers come with software packages associated with the systems. Also offers upgrades to either Libellula.CUT or RADAN, with flawless integration with the Cypcut control software.
Easy Load DoorsThe T2 features wide-opening doors and a slide-out bed, making sheet loading by crane, forklift, or by hand easier. Our 12kW models have motorised beds due to the heavy-duty capacity of sheet stock.
Dual Circuit ChillerAll Fibre lasers come as standard with an S&A chiller with dual temperature control, ensuring optimal cooling for your power source and optics.
Saw Tooth Slat TableThe T2 also utilises an easy-to-operate pull-out draw-type bed unit, making sheet loading even easier.
Auto Focus Cutting HeadComes standard with a BM111 RayTools head, including being 3KW ready, a built-in capacitance height sensor, and autofocus.
Touch Screen ControlThe machine comes with a front end touch-screen control system for maximum versatility.
Industrial Build QualityCompact, fully enclosed industrial build for operator safety and efficient cut vapour extraction.
CE Rated Laser Viewing PanelsAll Titan T2 Fibre Laser Cutters come with CE-rated Laser viewing glass for operator safety.
Servo Driven SystemThe T2 is equipped with Japanese Yaskawa Servo drive closed-loop motors for high speed and precise positional accuracy.
Cyclone ExtractionIndustrial Cyclone extraction systems are available to order as part of your package, offering high-performance and optional internal or external installation with a cowling.
UK Engineering TeamAll engineers are based right here in the UK and form part of the installation and support teams.
UK WarrantyAll T2 Fibre laser cutters come with an excellent 24-months parts & labour warranty (does not include consumables).
Quality ServiceAfter-sales service is UK-based and available to all of our customers if needed. Lifetime technical support via email and telephone.

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Introduction to the Titan T2 Fibre Laser Cutter:

A compact yet extremely capable fibre laser metal cutting machine. High-speed operation ultra accuracy.  

The T2 Fibre Laser Machine models are perfect for smaller workshops or engineering firms that only require a smaller bed size up to 1260*2510mm, whereas the T2 Plus offers a bigger cutting area of 1500 x 3000 mm.

The T2 series comes in a fully enclosed safety enclosure alongside CE-rated safety viewing panels. 
Process carbon steel, stainless steel, brass & copper, and aluminium.  

All of our Fibre Lasers are fully tested to rigorous standards at our headquarters facility in the West Midlands.

What types of industries and sectors use Fibre Laser Cutters?

Marine Engineering
Mechanical Fabrication
Steel Fabrication
Automotive Manufacturing
Sign Making
Aerospace Engineering
Electrical Component Manufacturing
Education – Engineering

Titan T2 Fibre Laser range in summary

Incredibly accurate, comes available in two different classic bed sizes yet manages to also keep a low footprint.

This affordably priced Fibre Laser series also allows for a range of power source otions to be fitted depending upon your cutting applications.

Laser Source

Fibre laser light energy is created by banks of diodes.  The light is transferred through a special fibre optic cable, an efficient energy transfer compared to conventional methods. The light, upon exiting the fibre cable, is then collimated (straightened) as it approaches the focus lens – which intensifies the beam enabling it to cut through the material with astonishing speed and accuracy

Raytools Laser Head

Raytools cutting head with high-performance non-contact capacitive height sensor is used and is designed to withstand high ‘gas assist’ pressures. The proven lens cartridge change system makes switching lenses for different materials or applications fast & simple. A. High cutting speed with the best cutting quality B. Quick change-over between three focal lengths without changing the TCP (Tool Centre Point) C. Protective window (lens) can be replaced as a consumable part, to extend the life of the focusing lens.

S&A CWFL Industrial Chillers

A. Dual function intelligent cooling system, specifically designed for fibre laser machines, ensuring the efficient operation of laser cutting head and laser source B. ±0.3°C Precise temperature control. C. Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor over current protection, water flow alarm and high/low-temperature alarm. D. Full CE approval, RoHS approval, REACH approval.

Mechanical Transmission System

Precise positioning & repeat-ability with ‘Double Y Axis’ Taiwanese TBI Ball screw system.

Drive System (Yaskawa)

Closed loop AC servo drive system and servomotors to ensure high dynamics, vibration- free operation and maximum precision

Control Software

A. Power Automation CNC Control with integrated I/O

B. Each system is equipped with an HMI (Human Machine Interface). With this open, browser-based all important control functions are clearly represented to the operator, so it will work within the shortest training time efficiently and safely with the CNC system.

C. The CNC Systems are equipped with high-speed processors to accomplish an extremely fast ‘Block Throughput”. Highly accurate contours with very small NC blocks can be processed without any loss of speed. Therefore, the machine always reaches its highest productivity.

D. Cypcut laser cutting control system Support AI, DXF, PLT and other graphic data formats CAD module/nesting + processing function.


Titan T2 Fibre Laser – Standard Features

Titan T2 Fibre Laser CutterInformation
Safety EnclosureYes – full safety enclosure to protect your operators from any stray beams and to aid in the safe extraction of cutting vapour.
Bed Sizes1260 x 2510 mm (T2 model) or 1500 x 3000 mm (T2 Plus)
Laser Source Options1kW, 1.5kW, 2kW, 3kW, 4kW, 6kW, 12kW
Cutting HeadRaytools – Autofocus
Servo MotorsYes – Yaskawa
Drive SystemDouble Y Axis ball screw transmission (Rack & Pinion on the T2 Plus Model)
Guide RailsHIWIN
Ball ScrewTBI
Water ChillerYes – S&A CWFL Series (model, laser source dependent)
CNC ControlCypcut with touch screen enabled monitor
Software packageCypcut laser cutting control system
Work Table TypeBlade saw worktable (Easy Loading System)
ConsumablesX6 nozzles, X6 protective lenses, X1 focussing lens
Power requirements3 Phase AC 380V 50HZ
DeliveryIncluded (offloading and positioning is available upon request)
Installation & TrainingIncluded
T2 Fibre Laser standard configuration
Titan T2 Fibre Laser

T2 1225 Fibre Laser Models

Titan T2 Fibre Laser offers the same great features as our T1 but with a larger cutting zone, giving you even more versatility than the smaller machine.  Bed size: 1260*2510mm
Titan T2 Fibre Laser

T2 Plus 1530 Fibre Laser Models

Our Titan T2 Plus Fibre Laser offers the same great features as our T2 but with a larger cutting zone.  Whilst the T2 Plus also gives you the added benefit of a larger Bed size: 1500*3000mm

If you’re looking for a well priced industrial fibre laser cutting system fitted with a feature rich system thats incredibly accurate and offers performance levels of much more expensive systems, then the T2 series could be for you.

Yes, as standard they come with Cypcut control software which for most customers is fully sufficient, however, should you need some more advanced features, we can also supply Libellua or RADAN with your machine of choice.

All of our Fibre laser cutters include our standard UK mainland delivery and include full training on your new machine and how to operate the software to send jobs to be processed by the machine, alongside guidance on material testing etc.  

We understand that keeping any downtime to the bare minimum is very important for our customers, we hold a wide variety of stock items on the shelf should the need for service arise. All stock is held at our headquarters in Halesowen.

Other Titan Fibre Laser Models:

Get in touch today!

Buying a Fibre Laser is a big step for any business and you want to know you’re purchasing the right machine that matches your business needs.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444

*Offloading and siting of the machine is the end user’s responsibility, we will, however, advise all of our customers should they need assistance with this.

Cut Capacity Chart*

*Please note maximum cut thickness, expect burr and or dross, may differ due to material variation and or local environmental factors  < 
Carbon Steel5 mm (max)8 mm (max)10 mm (max)14 mm (max)18 mm (max)20 mm (max)22 mm (max)
Stainless Steel3 mm (max)4 mm (max)5 mm (max)6 mm (max)8 mm (max)10 mm (max)10 mm (max)
Aluminium Alloy2 mm (max)3 mm (max)3 mm (max)4 mm (max)5 mm (max)8 mm (max)10 mm (max)
Brass1.5 mm (max)2 mm (max)2 mm (max)3 mm (max)4 mm (max)6 mm (max)8 mm (max)
Copper0.5 mm (max)1.2 mm (max)2 mm (max)3 mm (max)3 mm (max)5 mm (max)6 mm (max)
Please check with your Mantech Sales Engineer if you have any special cutting requirements.

Fibre Laser Extraction

Cyclone is a compact dry dust collection system that uses cartridges designed to reduce the emission of particles into the air and guarantee an environment that is free from dust, thus increasing the safety of the industrial process of laser cutting metals and improving the environmental conditions of the location where cutting is taking place.
Libellula Software

About Libellula Software

Libellula CAD/CAM solutions for sheet metal industry, available for both 2D and 3D different brands and types of cutting machines (laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, punching and pipe cutting).  All of our Titan Fibre lasers come with the option to use Libellula.CUT as an optional extra.
Radan Fibre Laser Software
Hexagon Software

About RADAN Software

Radprofile provides your operators with the tools they require to reduce lead times and optimise your laser, plasma, water jet and flame-cutting machines. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Radpunch the RADAN punch/profile solution delivers optimisation for punch profile combination machine tools.

Our range of  Titan metal cutting Fibre Lasers integrates perfectly with RADAN to give you unrivalled control over your sheet metal production requirements. Optional extra.

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