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Fibre Laser Engraving Machines

At Mantech we understand the need for exceptionally good after-sales service, In fact, that’s part of our mantra, ‘Affordable Machinery, First Class Service.

Fibre Laser Engraving Systems

Full UK Warranty

Delivery Included

Installation Included

Multiple Models Available

Exceptional Service

Metal Laser Engraving Machines

Bottom Line
Fibre Laser Markers
Our Most Popular Fibre Marker
Affordable Metal Marking & Engraving Lasers
Main features
Bottom Line
Our FM range of Fibre Laser Metal Engravers offers the user a very versatile metal and hard plastics engraving solution in a neat all-in-one package.

Perfect for engraving flat parts with logos, images, serial numbers etc with its included software package.

Optional air filtration systems such as a BOFA or Purex are available to purchase with all of our fibre marking systems.
XL Fibre Laser Markers
Perfect For Larger Projects
The Bigger Brother To The Standard Model
Main features
Bottom Line
XL Fibre Markers – These systems are very much like the standard machine yet with a larger capacity marking area available (and you can go up to 100W).  These systems have their own freestanding unit.

Optional air filtration systems such as a BOFA or Purex are available to purchase with all of our fibre marking systems.
3D Fibre Laser Markers
High-Performance CNC
Dynamic 3D Marking and Engraving For Metals
Main features
Bottom Line
Dynamic 3D Fibre Markers – Perfect for uneven surface applications using a multi axis Galvo system.  Powers from 30W to 100W.

Optional air filtration systems such as a BOFA or Purex are available to purchase with all of our fibre marking systems.

What is a Fibre Laser Engraver and how do they work?

Our Fibre Marking Lasers are the perfect choice for etching on a wide range of materials with high precision, and complex graphics are easily achieved with a fibre marking machine.

A fibre laser uses a laser power source to generate a high-powered laser that is transmitted through a Theta lens with incredible accuracy.  The machine uses no physical moving parts and is covered with a protective pull-down cover ensuring the operator has no contact with the laser as it pulses.  
As the focused laser beam passes through the Theta lens the invisible laser hits the surface of the material, effectively heating it up and oxidising the top layers, leaving the integrity of the metal intact.  The laser beam is generally not powerful enough to pass through the metal unless you are using really thin foils.
A major benefit of using this kind of marking and engraving process is the fact that it is a permanent feature with high resistance to other external effects like heat, abrasion/rubbing etc.
It does all this with remarkable speed and accuracy, enabling quick turnaround of projects. 

A Fibre Marking Engraving Machine is generally controlled by software (in our case EZCAD which is simple to use) enabling you to generate your designs and change settings of the machine operation.  You can also import your files into the software should you be designing them in software such as Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator and other 2D CAD drawing packages.

A Fibre Engraver is used in many different applications such as:

Tool marking
Serial plaque etching
Personalisation of products
Jewellery marking/stamping
Parts etching
QR code & barcode marking
They are often used in the aerospace, automotive, marine engineering and creative industries.

Fibre Laser Engraver range in summary

Our range of Fibre Laser Engravers is perfect for any business looking for a high-speed engraving solution for engraving part numbers, serial numbers, and images onto metal and or hard ABS-style plastics.

We have a number of solutions such as our standard FM range, the XL version with a larger working area and our 3D engraving option.

What’s included

Fibre Laser Engravers Standard EquipmentInformation
Safety glassesYes
USB ImportYes
Extraction SystemNo – available as an upgrade
Software packageEZCAD
Warranty12 Months Parts & Labour
Standard equipment and services included

Yes, delivery is included to the UK mainland. Out-of-area or complex locations may incur a delivery charge.

Absolutely. We offer a complete turn-key package on our machinery, so installation and training are included unless otherwise agreed.

No, our Fibre Laser Engravers come complete with a laptop/computer system with software preloaded.

All of our fibre laser engravers are standard 240V systems.

Get in touch today!

Buying machinery is a big step for any business and you want to know you’re purchasing the right machine that matches your business needs.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444

*Offloading and siting of the machine is the end user’s responsibility, we will, however, advise all of our customers should they need assistance with this.

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