Mantech's Full Range Of CO2 Laser Machines For Cutting & Engraving

Our Range Of CO2 Lasers are fully tested and assembled to rigorous standards at our  32,000 square feet facility in Oldbury in the West Midlands.  With each range having high performance specifications and options spread across each model of Laser.

Our Laser Cutting Machines come in a wide variety of bed sizes, a range of high power rated CO2 glass tubes to suit most requirements.  We have installed many laser machines into a huge range of areas such as sign makers, small craft manufacturers, schools & academies, universities, aerospace, automotive, personalised gift makers, fabricators and so much more.

Perfectly sized for any small work-shop or craft area.  Our Lasertech Desktop Laser Engraver may be small but it sure packs a punch.  Small yet powerful, has all the tools you need to make your business a success. All this whilst also meeting stringent safety checks and standards.

Our most popular laser cutter engraving range.  available in a variety of bed sizes and laser tube powers, this machine is a highly capable, high specification machine that meets stringent safety check and standards.

Want the best of both worlds out of your CO2 laser cutter? don’t want to go all in on a professional Fibre Laser Cutter but would still like to process metals?

Meet the biggest of our Lasertech CO2 Laser cutters.  With bed sizes from 1300 x 2500 up-to 2050 x 3050 it’s safe to say these lasers are suited to larger projects and or high volume production.  All of our larger open bed machines come with a safety cover to protect the operator.

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What is a CO2 Laser Machine?

CO2 Laser Cutter Engraving Machines are very popular amongst crafters, sign makers and other industries where processing materials such as leather, card, acrylic, plywood, cloth etc with high accuracy and complexity. 

make custom logos on acrylic, wood, paper, metals, plastics, and an array of other materials.  As standard a CO2 Laser can only mark onto anodised, and coated metals, they will not cut.  You would need what we call a Metal/non-metal cutter that utilises oxygen as an assisting element to cut through thin metals.

A CO2 Laser uses a gas filled glass tube and a number of glass mirrors, to fire a focused laser beam through the tube and down through the laser cutting head.  Once here it exits the nozzle through the focus lens and hits the surface of your material. 

The cutting depth and speeds are all controlled in our machines by software interface, in our case RD works.  A very easy to use editor for producing laser cut designs and to control all aspects of the machine.  From cutting speeds and powers to whether or not you want to raster engrave or just cut 

With a laser cutting machine you are able to produce a wide array of products without ever having to outsource any of the works. 

Our own range of CO2 laser machines come in a wide variety of bed sizes and configurations from small desktop styled machines up to high capacity large format machines.

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CO2 Laser Machines


Finance Options Also Available.

Why not spread the cost of your new CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine? Mantech have a long established relationship with one of the industry leading asset finance operators in the United Kingdom.

*subject to eligibility & status

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