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Durma AD-S Hydraulic Press Brakes

European manufactured Hydraulic Press Brakes from Durma. High-performance CNC Press Brake systems.


Why Durma AD-S CNC Press Brakes?


Robust and rigid monoblock structureSpeaks to its exceptional design, featuring seamless integration of components for unparalleled sturdiness and precision. This robust construction ensures reliable performance and precise bending, setting the standard for metalworking efficiency.


High accuracy and repeatability Guarantees precise and consistent metal bending, enabling manufacturers to achieve uniform results for various workpieces and production runs.


Low service costsBuilt with precision and adherence to stringent standards, Durma machine embodies the expertise and innovation synonymous with European manufacturing, assuring customers of its superior performance, durability, and cutting-edge technology.


ReliabilityDesigned and built with precision, this machine’s robust construction and advanced features instil confidence in manufacturers, allowing them to meet production deadlines with ease and achieve exceptional results.


General Specification

High-accuracy linear scales
Automatic calibration
Durma designed guide system
Ball screw and linear guide integrated back gauge system
High-accuracy linear scales
Suitable for segmented tools with a fast operated tool holding system
Accurate bending on both long and deep operations
High accuracy linear scales
High-accuracy linear scales
CE safety standards


The AD-S hydraulic range comes in both standard CNC back gauge axis with the following upgraded back gauge available as an option:
Standard back gauge

Standard CNC Back Gauge

Optional back gauge

Optional CNC Back Gauge

Tool Holders and Tooling Options

Bending performance is increased by using high-quality European clamping systems and easiness
to use. Narrow table designed for European style tool holder and Z bending.

European Type Bottom Tool (4V Die)

European Type Bottom Tool - 4V Die

European Clamping System

European Clamping System

Durma Top Tool Clamping System and Tool

Durma top tool clamping system and tool

Quick Release Clamping System

Quick release clamping

Durma Hydraulic Clamping System

Durma hydraulic clamping

Durma Bottom Tool Multi V

Durma bottom multi V tool

Durma Press Brake Control Options


DT-15 Control
Ergonomic panel design
19″ colour touchscreen
Manual profiling on-screen
Diagnostic mode
Easy programming mode
Automatic bend sorting
Tool programming and library
D-bend offline software
Tandem compatible
Internet service facility


SKY 22 Control
21.5″ TFT colour touch screen with USB port and backup
Automatic bending order
Full control over the electronic servo systems (for servo model only)
User archived bends
2D/3D colour graphic display with multi simulation
Windows 10
D-bend offline software
Tandem applications
Network Interface
Support for X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2 and AP3/AP4
Durma laser angle measurement compatible
2D/3D part and tool import


DA-66 Control
17″ high resolution display
2D graphical touch screen programming mode
3D visualisation in simulation and production
Delem modusys compatibility
USB, peripheral interfacing
User-specific application support within the controller multitasking environment
Sensor bending and correction interface
17″ high-resolution display


DA-66S Control
24″ TFT 1920 x 3080 px touch screen control
Real-time Linux embedded OS
2GB storage capacity
Network connectivity
Delem modusys compatible
Tandem operation
2D/3D real scale product programming and visualisation
Automatic bending calculation 2D/3D
DXF part and tool import support

Durma AD-S Models and Technical Specification

S = Standard O = Optional item
ModelBending Force (Ton) Bending Length (mm) (A)Column Distance (mm) (B)Stroke (mm) (C)Daylight (mm) (D)Throat Depth (mm) (E)Table Height (mm) (F)Table Width (Narrow/Wide mm) (G)Y Rapid Speed (mm/sec)Y Working Speed (mm/sec)Y Axis Return Speed (mm/sec)Y Axis Precision (mm)X Axis Working Speed (mm)X Axis Precision (mm)X Axis Distance (650 mm)X Axis Distance (750 mm) X Axis Distance (1000 mm)R Axis Working Speed (mm/sec)R Axis Working Distance (mm)R Axis Precision (mm)Z Axis Working Speed (mm/sec)Z Axis Working Distance (mm)Motor Power (kW)Oil Tank Capacity (Ltr)Length (mm) (L)Width (mm) (W)Height (mm) (H)Weight Approx. (Kg)
AD-S 12606012501050160400350900104200101100.015000.05SO3502500.110004907.51002300155023504700
AD-S 20606020501700265530450900104200101100.015000.05SO3502500.1100011007.51003200155028505600
AD-S 2510010025502200265530450900104180101200.015000.05SO3502500.110001580111003800167028507800
AD-S 3010010030502600265530450900104/180180101200.015000.05SO3502500.110001990111004200167028508500
AD-S 3013513530502600265530450900104/180160101200.015000.05SO3502500.110001990151504200168028509580
AD-S 3017517530502600265530450900104/240160101000.015000.05SO3502500.11000199018.525042501700285010900
AD-S 3022022030502600265530450900104/240140101400.015000.05SO3502500.1100019902225042501770300012600
AD-S 3032032030502600365630450900154/300160101400.015000.05SO3502500.1100019903725043001820333017100
AD-S 3717517537003100265530450900104/240140101000.015000.05SO3502500.11000237518.525049501700300011750
AD-S 3722022037003100265530450900104/240160101200.015000.05SO3502500.1100023752225049501770300014440
AD-S 4017517540503600265530450900104/240160101400.015000.05SO3502500.11000291018.525052501700285012780
AD-S 4022022040503600265530450900104/240160101400.015000.05SO3502500.1100029102225052501770300014750
AD-S 4032032040503600365630450900154/300160101400.015000.05SO3502500.1100029103725053001910333020000
AD-S 40400400405034003656305101050154/30014081200.013500.05SO3002500.1100026703750057502110364027760
AD-S 60220220605051002655304501050154/300140101200.013500.05SO3002500.1100044002225075001770335020800
AD-S 60400400605051003656305101220154/30012081000.013500.05SO3002500.1100044003725075002110381034600

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