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Titan X2 Tube Fibre Laser Cutter

Perfect for the mass production of tubes and profiles less than 85mm, fully automatic and capable of operating across 2 shifts. Replace the roles of other machinery in your fabrication process such as band saws, deburring and drilling/punch machines!

Titan X2 Tube Cutting Metal Fibre Laser

Automatic Feeding System: Round, Square, Rectangular and Oval Mild/carbon and Stainless Steel Tube

Full UK Warranty (1-5 Years)

Delivery Included

Enclosed Laser System

Upto 3kW

Exceptional Performance

Fully Automatic Titan X2 Tube Laser Cutting System

Titan X2 Tube Cutting Metal Fibre Laser

Auto Feed

The fully automated feeding system of the X2 enables you to achieve greater output capacity in a reduced amount of time, thereby improving production efficiency and minimising waste by maintaining a final clamped part at less than 40mm.
Titan X2 Tube Cutting Metal Fibre Laser

Intelligent Tube Cutting

The bundled tube-cutting software allows for the direct importation of your IGS files and also supports the generation of new drawings. The software also accommodates layouts for multiple workpieces, as well as island common edge and common edge cutting features.
Titan X2 Tube Cutting Metal Fibre Laser


The Titan X2 offers robust laser source options ranging from 1 to 3 kW, allowing for efficient processing of various profile shapes such as round, square, rectangular, and oval, in materials like mild/carbon steel and stainless steel.

Titan X2 In Action

Titan X2 Fibre Laser Cutter – Features at a glance

Easy DSP Controls

Auto Feed System

The inclusive bundle loader system enables customers to load up the racks with tube stock ready for the auto feed to align and present tubes and profiles for processing through the cutting end of the machine, allowing for the mass production of profiles less than 85 mm in diameter and 6000 mm.
Laser Power

Powerful Laser Source

The Titan X2 provides laser source choices ranging from 1 to 3 kW, tailored to the wall thickness you require for cutting. These robust laser options facilitate rapid and efficient cutting of your tubes and profiles, thereby optimising your manufacturing capacity.
Software Included

Software Included

The Titan X2 is equipped with smart software that enables direct importing of your existing IGS files and also supports the creation of new projects and drawings. With proper training, you and/or your operators can become proficient and operational in a short period of time.
Easy Load Doors


All X2 fibre lasers are designed as enclosed systems where needed, ensuring maximum safety during operation. They also include laser vision panels in the cutting zone, which allow for real-time monitoring and enhanced visibility during the cutting process. This not only improves accuracy but also contributes to a safer working environment.
S&A Chiller Systems UK

Industrial Chillers

Every one of our Fibre lasers is equipped by default with an S&A chiller featuring dual temperature control. This ensures that both your power source and optics maintain optimal temperatures.
Servo Drives

Servo Driven System

X2 is equipped with servo drive closed loop motors used for high speed, and clinical positional accuracy. 
Cyclone Extraction

Cyclone Extraction

Our industrial Cyclone extraction systems are available to order as part of your package. These high-performance systems can be installed internally or with an optional cowling for external use.
Reliable CNC Routers

UK Engineering Team

All of our engineers are based right here in the UK and form part of our installation and support teams.
Excellent Warranty

UK Warranty

All Titan X2 Fibre laser cutters come with our renowned 24 months parts & labour warranty (does not include consumables).
Quality Service

After Sales Support

Our after-sales service is UK based and available to all of our customers if needed. Lifetime technical support via email and telephone.

Titan X2 Metal Tube Laser Overview

FeatureTitan X2 Fibre Laser Cutter Details
Ease of OperationThe X2 comes with easy-to-use controls via a windows based PC system (included) and handheld remote control pendant system. Seamless integration with networking, cloud storage, and third-party apps.
Laser PowerOur X2 Tube laser comes with options from 1-3 kW depending upon the thickness of the tube and profile you would like to cut and process.
SoftwareAll Titan Fibre Lasers come with software packages associated with the systems. The X2 comers with intelligent software to allow for the input of IGS files and the creation of new projects on the fly.
Automatic Bundle LoaderOur impressive automatic loading system allows customers to load up the bundle load system with multiple lengths of tube – the machine will then auto load and feed them through to the cutting zone and process jobs with minimal effort.
Dual Circuit ChillerAll Fibre lasers come as standard with an S&A chiller with dual temperature control, ensuring optimal cooling for your power source and optics.
High Speed Rotary ChuckThe Titan X2 adopts a high-speed rotary chuck system capable of operating at more than 150 rpm. It allows for fast clamping speed, and flexible adjustment of clamping force allowing for improved manufacturing efficiency.
Auto Focus Cutting HeadRaytools heads with auto focus configured for use on the Titan X2 Tube Cutter.
PC SystemWith its built-in PC system, keyboard and mouse control, operating the Titan X2 is fast and efficient.
Industrial Build QualityCompact, fully enclosed industrial build for operator safety and efficient cut vapours extraction.
CE Rated Laser Viewing PanelsTitan X2 comes with CE-rated Laser viewing glass at the cutting zone for operator safety.
Servo Driven SystemTitan X2 is equipped with Servo drive closed-loop motors for high speed and precise positional accuracy.
Cyclone ExtractionIndustrial Cyclone extraction systems are available to order as part of your package, offering high-performance and optional internal or external installation with a cowling.
UK Engineering TeamAll engineers are based right here in the UK and form part of the installation and support teams.
UK WarrantyTtian X2 Fibre laser cutters come with an excellent 24 months parts & labour warranty (does not include consumables).
Quality ServiceAfter-sales service is UK based and available to all of our customers if needed. Lifetime technical support via email and telephone.

Titan X2 Tube Laser Cutter – Specifications

Titan X2 Tube Cutter – working areaFull automatic feeding – round tube ⌀ 16mm-80mm, rectangular tube 16x16mm-60mm (diagonal less than 85mm)
Cutting materialCarbon/mild steel or stainless steel round, square, rectangular or elliptical tube
Tail length≥40mm
Maximum single tube weight25kg (example – round tube ⌀60x2x6000mm)
Y 1 axis (Feed)Work schedule800 mm (multiple support)
Positioning accuracy0.05 mm
Positioning speed60m/min
Repeat accuracy0.05 mm
Y 2 axisWork schedule1000 mm (multiple suports
Positioning accuracy0.05 mm
Positioning speed90m/min
Repeat accuracy0.05 mm
X axisWork schedule0-130 mm
Positioning accuracy0.05 mm
Positioning speed60m/min
Repeat accuracy0.05 mm
Z axis Work schedule0-100 mm
Positioning speed30m/min
B axisRotation speed150 rpm/min
Control systemIntelligent CNC
Servo DrivenYes XYZB
Precision reducerMotovario
Precision guide railsHIWIN
Lubrication systemAutomatic lubrication
Industrial ChillerS&A
Cutting headRaytools
Material FeedAutomatic
Machine weight3540kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)9100x2500x2200 mm

Applications and use cases for the Titan X2 Tube Fibre Laser Cutter?

Steel tube stockists

Fibre Lasers for steel stockists
Perfect for steel stockists that deal with the supply and cutting of lengths of tube profiles to customers. Our X2 is perfect for this type of application.

Hospital Equipment

Medical Equipment
The X2 may be the ideal choice if you are manufacturing medical equipment such as beds and other medical aids, especially if you are currently using a band saw to cut your tube and box profiles.

Health and Fitness

Gym Equipment
The production and manufacture of fitness equipment such as uprights for supporting weights and pulleys and the general framework of gym products.

Building Products

Building products
Building and architectural products such as handrails and staircase balustrades are the perfect choice to be mass-produced on a Titan X2 Tube Laser, especially with its included automatic bundle load system.

Industrial Shelving Manufacture

Industrial Shelving
Produce industrial shelving products with increased productivity, doing away with time-consuming methods of manufacture. With the X2 your output will increase and waste/offcuts will be reduced.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture
If you produce a lot of office furniture then the Titan X2 could allow your business to increase manufacturing and keep high-quality production with its automated process and repeatability.

Conveyor Machinery

Home Furniture
The production of conveyor machinery relies upon many parts, the X2 Fibre Laser will enable your business to produce the rollers on such machines and any other tube, rectangular, square or oval profiles required.

Bike Manufacture

Bike Manufacture
Manufacture tubed sections for use in the production and assembly of motorbikes/bicycles by allowing the X2 to load and feed your profiles through the machine and cut sections/holes out of the parts with incredible accuracy.

General Manufacturing

General Manufacturing
Use the Titan X2 Tube Fibre Laser Cutter for a wide range of cutting tasks within your sheet metal fabrication workshop. Increase the speed of manufacture and cut down on downtime with the included automatic bundle loader.

Traditional Fabrication Method

Cut Profiles to Length

One member of staff – 50 pieces per hour

Deburr Cuts

One member of staff – 100 pieces per hour

Drilling and Punching

One member of staff – 50 pieces per hour

Deburring Holes

One member of staff – 100 pieces per hour
Production averages around 75 units per hour with multiple staff.

Fabrication With the X2 Fibre Laser

X2 Laser Cutting Process

The Titan X2 can combine all of the processes you would traditionally use and produce around 240 units per hour with one member of staff operating the machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tubes can the Titan X2 handle?

The Titan X2 is designed to handle round, square, rectangular, and oval tubes in materials like mild/carbon steel and stainless steel, with diameters less than 85mm for mass production.

How does the automatic feeding system improve efficiency?

The automatic feeding system streamlines the production process by allowing for continuous loading and processing of tubes, which significantly reduces manual handling and increases throughput.

What safety features does the Titan X2 have?

The Titan X2 boasts an enclosed laser system with CE-rated laser viewing panels and when purchased with our industrial Cyclone extraction system, ensuring enhanced safety for operators during the cutting process.

Can the Titan X2 be integrated with existing software systems?

Yes, the included smart software allows for the direct import of IGS files and supports integration with current systems, promoting a smooth workflow and easy adaptability to existing processes.

What kind of after-sales support does Mantech Machinery provide?

Mantech Machinery provides an extensive after-sales support package that includes a UK-based engineering team, a 24-month parts and labour warranty, and lifetime technical support via email and phone.

Fibre Laser Extraction

Cyclone is a compact dry dust collection system that uses cartridges designed to reduce the emission of particles into the air and guarantee an environment that is free from dust, thus increasing the safety of the industrial process of laser cutting metals and improving the environmental conditions of the location where cutting is taking place.

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