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Spartan CNC Router - Affordable Machinery UK
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Spartan CNC Routers - The UK's Best Selling CNC Machine

Spartan CNC Routers - Features at a Glance

Manual Tool Change Spartan CNC Routers

Easy DSP Control

Control your CNC router via the easy to use DSP hand controller. Import files via USB Stick.

Software Included

We supply Vectric V Carve Pro with all of our Spartan CNC Routers, Industry leading software thats easy to use.


Powerful Spindles

Each Spartan comes with a high performance spindle, our larger models come with 6.0kW air cooled spindles as standard.

T-Slot Clamping

Clamp awkward and warped materials using the built in T-slot clamping system (not available on the 6090 model).

Powerful Vacuum

Powerful vacuum systems enable efficient holding of materials. Vacuum pump/s included (qty is model dependant).  

Industrial Build

Industrial build quality, enabling first class output and longevity, yet offering superb value.


Simple controls, easy to use and reliable. The Spartan range offers our customers an excellent user experience.

1,2,3 Buy Back

Perfect for start-ups and customers looking to ‘grow into’ their business. Spartans can be traded in via our trade-up scheme for our more advanced models.

After Sales Service

Our after sales service is UK based and available to all of our customers if needed. Lifetime technical support via email and telephone. 

12 Months Warranty

All Spartan CNC routers come with our excellent 12 months parts & labour warranty.

What's Included: 

Standard Features 6090 Model
Spindle System
2.2kW Water Cooled Spindle With Chiller
Mechanical Drive
Ballscrew on XYZ
Drive System
High Performance Stepper Drives
Control System
NK105 Hand Controller
Vacuum System
Yes – Including a 2.2kW Vacuum Pump
Standard Features 1313 Model
Spindle System
3kW Water Cooled Spindle With Chiller
Mechanical Drive
TBI Ballscrew on Z, Helical Rack & Pinion On X,Y
Drive System
High Performance Stepper Drives
Control System
NK105 Hand Controller
Vacuum Bed
Matrix Table With T-Slot
Vacuum System
Yes – Including a 2.2kW Vacuum Pump
Standard Features 1325, 1530, 2030 Models
Spindle System
High Performance 6.0kW Air Cooled Spindle
Mechanical Drive
TBI Ballscrew on Z, Helical Rack & Pinion On X,Y
Drive System
High Performance Stepper Drives
Control System
NK105 Hand Controller
Vacuum Bed
Matrix table With T-Slot
Vacuum System
Included (5.5kW System)

One of the best value CNC routers on the market today. With features, components and options that make this CNC a true industrial router

Affordable CNC Routers

Spartan CNC Router Machine - The UK's Number 1 Affordable CNC Router

Spartan CNC Router  Excellent Build Quality

Introduction to the Spartan CNC Router range:

Looking for a reasonably priced CNC Router that is still fit for industrial applications? Entry level pricing with industrial performance. Our Spartan CNC routers cover popular sizes such as 4 x 4 ft, 8 x 4 ft and 10 x 5 ft.

This CNC router range is the perfect choice for customers wanting the very best value for money combined with excellent performance and build quality.  A CNC machine built to stand the test of time with its rigid stress tested framework which reduces any play in the machine when running at higher operational speeds. 

Customers who choose the Spartan CNC range benefit from it’s easy to use control system, fast operation and its fully featured range of options allowing our customers to speed up production and manufacturing output. 

NOW With 6.0kW Spindles (Spartan 1325 and above)

If meaningful features and high performance at an affordable price is something your business is looking for, the Spartan CNC router range is for you.  Easily produce prototypes and projects that span areas such as woodworking to produce things like furniture and kitchen cabinets or even manufacture staircases.

The Spartan is a high performance yet affordable CNC router that can be traded in when you’re ready, for one of our Merlin or Apollo CNC router ranges with our fantastic 1,2,3 buy back scheme! ask one of the team for details.

Affordable, Industrial CNC Routers:

  • Tight workshops lacking in space with our smallest Spartan 600 x 900 bed model
  • Perfect for a huge number of materials including soft metals like aluminium and brass
  • Woods like Plywood, MDF, MFC, Birch, Walnut and more
  • Plastics such as acrylic and plexiglass, polycarbonate
  • Foamboard
  • Composite sign material (Dibond, Alcubond etc)
Used in a wide variety of applications like:
  • Joinery
  • Shop fitting
  • Boat building
  • Product design
  • Cladding
  • Skate ramp production
  • Ply-lining
  • Sign Making
  • Engineering
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • General Industry
  • Personalised Products
  • So much more…

With our Spartan CNC range you no longer have to settle for a hobbyist built machine, our Spartan CNC Router range is built to last with excellent performance, all at a new low price!!!. Available in a wide range of sizes :

  • 600 x 900 x 150 mm 
  • 1300 x 1300 x 200 mm
  • 1300 x 2500 x 200 mm
  • 1500 x 3000 x 200 mm
  • 2000 x 3000 x 200 mm 

Looking for a CNC router with more features, take a look at our Apollo M CNC Routers or Apollo ATC CNC routers.

Spartan CNC Router range In summary

This CNC is built with high-quality components, the build quality is second to none and performs extremely well.  

A well rounded and flexible CNC that is perfect for a wide range of production activities, offering the user an easy to use control system for the perfect mix of performance and affordability.  

If you’re looking for a powerful CNC machine that is affordable and won’t break the bank, the Spartan CNC Router Series should be on your list. 

Want to speak to someone?

Buying a CNC Router is a big step for any business and you want to know you’re purchasing the right machine that matches your business needs.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444

*Offloading and siting of the machine is the end users responsibility, we will however advise all of our customers should they need assistance with this.

CNC Router Videos

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CNC Router Tools

Looking for CNC router tools for your CNC Machine? We also sell a range of tooling available on our sister site.

Compare Our CNC Router Models

An affordable industrial CNC Router is available in both manual and tool change configurations. Part of our ‘1,2,3’ Buy Back trade-in scheme (ask for details).

The Falcon CNC Router range is perfect for customers wanting a competitively priced, high performance machine that still offers automatic tool change functionality.

The Apollo M CNC router offers high performance alongside our in-house developed M-TECH CNC Motion Control System.  A fully featured CNC router!

Our high performance auto tool change CNC model, with the same great features as our Apollo M, including full auto tool change capabilities.

CNC Router installations from around the UK

Finance Options Also Available.

Why not spread the cost of your new CNC Router Machine?

It is often more cost effective & tax efficient to finance your Mantech product rather than outright purchase.

*subject to eligibility & credit status