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What type of CNC Router?

What type of CNC router do you need to help you and your business succeed in 2021 and beyond?

Whether you are looking for your first CNC Router or you already have some experience in using or even buying, this guide could help you make the right decision for your application.

What are the common types of CNC router?

There are a number of different CNC Router designs to choose from, buying one over the other can be easy or pretty difficult depending upon what and how you are comparing.

CNC Machining Centres are typically used in both large scale woodworking and metal processing industries. They can be used for furniture applications on an industrial scale and or as metal component milling machines for example.

3 Axis CNC router machines are what we would class as the most common form of CNC router and move in an X, Y, Z coordinate system (for example up/down, left and right). They are usually also the most affordable type of CNC on the market, offering excellent value for money when it comes to trying to automate your business, bring production in house and reduce waste.

4 Axis CNC router machines can give you an additional axis to play with and are predominantly used as pod and rail systems to give you side drilling and processing capability. Although you can also add additional ‘axis’ such as drill heads and rotary devices on a 3 axis CNC.

5 Axis CNC router machines simultaneously operate across A, X, Y plus A and B axis giving your cutting tool a multidirectional movement. These are usually a lot more expensive than a 3 or 4 axis CNC.

Deciding upon what CNC router you actually need for your business is especially important as you could be wasting money on a machine that you don’t actually need or purchase the wrong machine for your task. This is where your supplier should be able to advise you of the correct type of CNC for your application and business requirements.

Always ask to speak to one of their industry specialists who will be able to advise you correctly.

Here at Mantech we currently supply 2 types of CNC Router:

3 Axis CNC Routers / 4 Axis CNC Routers

Our range of CNC machines enables us to supply and install routers into a wide variety of customers and applications such as:

Woodworkers, Signmakers, Prototypers, Engineers, Fabricators, Van Conversion Firms, Aerospace Parts, Boat Interiors, Makers, Crafters, Education and so much more.

Mantech has been selling and installing machinery for over 21 years and has become synonymous with quality and excellent service across our product range.

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