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Powerful CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

Our Range Of CNC Plasma Cutter Tables are fully tested to rigorous standards at our large 32,000 square foot facility in Halesowen, the West Midlands.  With a massive range of options available such as Hypertherm power sources and consumables, we have a metal cutting solution for your business.

Sheet metal cutting machines are one of our specialities, especially CNC Plasma Cutting.  We also have a number of upgrades which can be opted for upon ordering, speak to one of our Technical Sales team who will be able to discuss your needs.

All CNC Plasma Machines supplied by Mantech come with warranty ranging from 1-5 years and depending upon your business needs.  Not only that but we also offer extended warranties and on-site maintenance programs to give you full peace of mind.

Available with the following Hypertherm power sources

Hypertherm CNC Plasma Torch Authorised Dealer UK
Hypertherm Powermax 45amp - CNC Plasma Cutter Torch

45amp source (Powermax)

Hypertherm Powermax Sync 65amp - CNC Plasma Cutter Torch

65amp source (Powermax Sync)

Hypertherm Powermax Sync 85amp - CNC Plasma Cutter Torch

85amp source (Powermax Sync)

Hypertherm Powermax Sync 105amp - CNC Plasma Cutter Torch

105amp source (Powermax Sync)

Hypertherm Powermax 45amp - CNC Plasma Cutter Torch

125amp source (Powermax)

NEW Powermax SYNC For Superior Cut Quality

Hypertherm Powermax Sync - Mantech UK CNC Plasma Cutters

Why Choose Powermax SYNC?

The all NEW Powermax SYNC cartridge based system how a number of benefits over the older Hypertherm system.

Easy to use


End-of-life consumable detection – take out the guesswork of when to replace your cartridge.

Reduced operational costs

  • Simplified system operation minimises the time and costs spent on training and troubleshooting for members of your manufacturing and fabrication teams.
  • Reduce downtime during consumable change-outs and elimination of costs associated with premature disposal of consumable parts. During testing the new Powermax SYNC cartridges last longer.
  • Cartridge usage data provides valuable insights for improving cutting operations and consumable inventory management when matched with the available smartphone app.

Maximum performance & reliability

  • Optimised cartridge consumable design.  Can provide up to twice the life for handheld cutting and improved quality of life in mechanised setups compared to standard consumables.
  • Improved cut quality over the standard system.
  • Smart Sync torches are engineered for rugged production environments.
  • Industry-leading system and reliability reduce any potential downtime.

What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

A CNC Plasma Cutting Machine uses electrical current to turn air into plasma, which is the fourth state of matter coming in after solid, liquid and gas.

This form of sheet metal processing is fast and accurate.  Enabling the operator to cut through very thick metals.

Once you incorporate a CNC cutting method with plasma cutting tools you can then automate the process of cutting, giving you increased accuracy and repeatability.

This cutting format uses a plasma stream to transfer energy to a conductive work material. This stream is usually formed by forcing gas such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon or air,  through a nozzle on the cutting head.

An electric current produced by the power supply adds energy to the gas flow to ionize it, converting it into a plasma arc with temperatures approaching 40,000˚ F. This plasma arc is what cuts the sheet by melting the material, blowing away the molten waste.

Where is Plasma Technology Used?

A plasma cutter is used in both handheld and CNC type systems (enabling cutting of complex designs) to cut a wide range of conductive materials, including mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, and other metals.

What type of cutting applications?

  • Simple straight cuts
  • Bevel cuts
  • Gouging
  • Hole cutting
  • Extended reach cutting and gouging
  • Fine feature cutting
  • Surface marking

What type of industries and markets are Plasma Cutting Tables used in?

  • Shipbuilding
  • Mining
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Steel fabricators
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Sign making
  • General construction
  • Aerospace

Specification: Phantom CNC Plasma Cutting Tables

Our Plasma cutters  come in the following standard configurations

Available in the following table sizes:

1400 x 1400 mm | 1400 x 2600 mm

1600 x 3100 mm | 2000 x 3000 mm | 2000 x 4000 mm

Single phase, 220-240v, 45A
3 phase, 415v, 65A
3 phase, 415v, 85A
3 phase, 415v, 105A
3 phase, 415v, 125A
Robust welded steel base frame
Stainless steel water tray with quick-emptying drain system
3 side full sheet loading
Adjustable levelling feet
Side mounted ball transfer rollers for easy plate loading
Electrical cabinet, with CNC Control and display
Torch fitted with collision Sensors to eliminates damage to torch.
Traverse System: Square Linear Guide Rail with Rack & Pinion (XY), Dual Drive Y axis
Cylindrical Linear Guide Rail with Reciprocating Ball Screw (Z axis)
3 Axis Control System: Closed Loop Hybrid Driver (XYZ)
USB Interface and G Code Command Language
THC: Microstep Digital Torch Height Control/ High Speed Precision Arc Voltage Control
Cad-Cam Vectric Cut 2D Software. Includes CAD Design package also can import DWG,DXF, PDF, Etc Component nesting for material optimisation
Delivery to site
Full training on both software and machine operation
Power Max package consisting of; 50 ft torch Lead, and remote on/off switchin
Machine interphase cable with voltage divider signal
Air Filtration Kit 1 – micron filter and auto drain moisture separator
Power Max essential mechanized cutting Consumable Kit
12 months Parts & Labour Guarantee


Finance Options Also Available.

Why not spread the cost of your new CNC Plasma Cutting Table? Mantech have a long established relationship with one of the industry leading asset finance operators in the United Kingdom, Capex Finance.

It is often more cost effective & tax efficient to finance your Mantech product rather than outright purchase and the team at Capex will happily discuss your own requirement, to quote finance figures and to find the most suitable funding solution for your business.

Capex offers HP, Lease Purchase, Finance Lease, Operating Lease on all types of machinery (including used); can also offer Business Loans whilst being as competitive as any High Street bank.

*subject to eligibility & credit status

Want to speak to someone?

Purchasing a CNC Plasma Cutting Table and source can be a complicated process, however we make it easy,  our in house experts can help you through the process to make it a simple process for you.  This is where our Technical Sales team will help you make the right choice.  

Why not give us a call on 0121 541 1444