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Lightburn Laser Software Included With Mantech Laser Machines

Lighburn ‘included’ with all Lasertech and Eclipse laser cutters

Did you know, we now supply the brilliant Lightburn software for all laser cutters and engraving systems by Mantech (*excluding one model M-CUT which requires RDworks). read on to find out why Lightburn is a better choice for you and your business.

What is Lightburn?

Lightburn is an incredibly superior and powerful editing, layout and laser control software that comes with many great features, enabling you to make light work of your laser cutter projects.

You can import a wide variety of formats into Lightburn such as AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP. You can arrange, edit and even create brand new vectors right from within the user interface.

It has clean layout allowing you to get to grips with all aspects of the software extremely quickly, allowing you to concentrate on running your laser without being bogged down with inferior software.

Better Software For Your Laser Cutter

What operating systems does Lightburn work with?

With excellent compatibility across file formats, Lightburn is also fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Allowing you to use the operating system of your choice without having to use a separate system just for your Laser. One Lightburn license key unlocks the software permanently – you get 1 years free updates.

What are the features of Lightburn For Laser Cutters?

Lightburn comes with all the features you need to aid you in producing some real masterpieces on your Laser Cutter.

Control all aspects of your cutting and engraving settings, enabling you to get the perfect result.

Lightburn software interface
Easy to use interface – This cake topper was designed in less than 2 mins directly inside Lightburn – no further software required for this type of project.

Create all types of vector shapes within the software and arrange using the built-in alignment tools. You can even group and weld lettering or shapes just like the above text.

You can also create a boolean union of 2 shapes:

lightburn software features
Before applying the boolean union of two shapes
join two shapes in lightburn
And the final result after applying the operation to two separate shapes

You can also create a boolean subtract of 2 shapes:

Lightburn software features
Before using the subtract tool
subtract shapes from another in lightburn
After using the subtract shape tool operation.

Creating an array from a shape is extremely easy to do in Lightburn:

Create an array from any shape in lightburn
Fast and efficient at creating arrays – so quick.
The array feature in Lightburn Software for laser cutters.
Another simple example of using shape arrays in lightburn.

Its fast and easy to create multiple shape arrays in Lightburn with quite literally only a ‘few clicks’ of your mouse.

Something else built right into Lightburn is its ability to create some fantastic results when using the photo engraving features.

To create some of the very best results it is recommended to use a high contrast image. you can import jpg and BMP files right into Lightburn, the software automatically recognises that you have imported an image.

Right clicking on your image and choosing ‘properties’ panel will allow you to alter things like sharpness and contrast to get a better image prepared for engraving.

You can choose to apply settings for a variety of engraving methods such as Halftone, Greyscale, Sketch, Stucki, Jarvis and Newspaper.

Built-in support for Lightburn camera systems.

If your system does not already come with a camera you can purchase them direct through Lightburn or Mantech. A camera system installed within your laser cabinet – giving you a real time view of your laser cutters bed but also allowing you to trace shapes/designs by capturing the data within Lightburn -you can then laser cut or engrave these vectorised designs onto your projects.

Having this capability also allows the user to capture the bed (with your material on) to easily enable you to position the head ready for cutting or engraving – reducing the need to create jigs.

Other features of Lightburn:

  • Drawing vectors
  • Freehand drawing
  • Creating QR codes
  • Radius (rounding of corners) corners
  • Setting a shapes starting point
  • Mirroring of shapes and designs
  • Setting the lasers position by clicking on the page
  • Full control over speeds and powers, passes etc
  • Full previews before you cut or engrave within software
  • Manual selection of job origin points
  • Homing of your laser and control over X,Y,Z (if your machine has Z adjustment via software ability)
  • Image tracing built in for vectorising images
  • Library to store and create settings for cut and engrave

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