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Metal Fibre Laser Extraction System

Cyclone is a compact dry dust collection system that uses cartridges designed to reduce the emission of particles into the air and guarantee an environment that is free from dust, thus increasing the safety of the industrial process of laser cutting metals and improving the environmental conditions of the location where cutting is taking place.

Designed to be a compact solution that is smaller than other filtration units operating in the same filtration range. The filtering elements are arranged in rows and columns and mounted to a single plate, significantly reducing the footprint required.

The Cyclone has a built-in fan and electrical panel and incorporates it’s own dust discharge and collection system, turning it into a “plug and play” filtering unit. It’s operation is highly intuitive, based on an easy operation in terms of connections and initial start-up as well as its subsequent maintenance thanks to, among other things, arrangement of internal components and accessibility.

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The Cyclone is compatible with our Fibretech & Titan flat plate fibre lasers.  It is also compatible with a number of  3rd party systems, allowing you to fit an efficient air cleaning system if your machine does not have one.

The compact Cyclone extraction system incorporates an automatic counter-flow compressed air cleaning system that allows operating continuously for prolonged periods of time, ensuring a constant load loss.

With a larger air inlet surface, the inlet speed is reduced, minimising abrasion of the filtering elements and improving overall distribution of dust in the dirty air. The result:

Longer service life of the filtering elements and a greater filtration capacity than that of other units on the market with similar number of cartridges – all with a system that is compact and modular.

The CES Clean system cartridges are especially designed to reduce the loss of operating pressure and the compressed air consumption, which translates to advantages such as:

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