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CNC Router – Cheddar

CNC Routers UK
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Commissioning and training complete for our customers based in Cheddar.

This Merlin 1325 CNC Router is jam-packed with features and uses our in-house developed M-Tech CNC Motion System, allowing for unrivalled control over your CNC router and projects. Whilst the Merlin is a manual tool change machine, you can upgrade at any time to ATC, where we can convert from manual to tool change. Perfect for all types of industry and a myriad of applications, the Merlin CNC router system is an excellent manufacturing choice for your business.⠀

Soft & hardwoods like pine, walnut, oak as well as MDF and plywood, OSB board etc.
Acrylics & plastics like Plexiglass, HDPE etc
Aluminium composites such as Dibond and Alcupanel
Soft metals such as aluminium, brass, lead, copper
Corian and similar acrylic-based composites
Foam and foam board
Wood composites and veneers
This list is not exhaustive, you can cut many more materials not listed
CNC router – materials to cut and or engrave
Mantech Machinery - CNC router, Laser Cutter, Fibre Laser, Press Brake, CNC Plasma, Guillotine

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