Fibre Laser vs CO2 Laser

Fibre Laser vs CO2 Laser

What are the main differences between a Fibre Laser and a CO2 Laser? How do these machines work?  Read on to find out. Fibre & CO2 Laser Technology With both technologies readily available as a manufacturing option for all types of industries these commonly used laser cutters operate in slightly different ways. Both fibre and […]

What can you cut on a Fibre Laser?

Waht can you cut with a fibre laser?

Introduction to Fibre Laser technology A fibre Laser works by focusing a high powered laser source directly onto metals below the focusing lens within the cutting head. This high powered energy beam is then activated and absorbed by the material, producing extremely high temperatures melting (vapourising) the materials. The UK market requires that your Fibre […]

Sheet Metal Cutting Solutions – Fibre Lasers

Titan Fibre Laser cutter

Advanced Fibre Lasers – a cost-effective solution. There are a number of different cutting technologies out their for processing sheet metal such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper etc. However most of them are nowhere near as fast or as capable as producing intricate cuts as a fibre laser. Our range of […]

University In Scotland

Fibre Laser installation in Scottish University

Some kind words from the customer after their Fibre Laser purchase. This University in Scotland has recently had its Fibretech Compact Fibre Laser installation and training. They had some kind words about the service they have received: “Hi guys,Just a quick thank you to commend the level of training we received from both engineers was […]